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Adsense Policy Violation Appeal For Banned Accounts

Today i am going to share a happy news for all bloggers out there. Some of us may wonder why Google banned your Ad sense account and even you did nothing wrong. Well, let me tell you that thousands of people have the same question as yours.So many debates went on in the blogger community against the dictatorship of Google.

letters MAD in capital
Getting mad

                             The important aspect is that Google realized all the emotions of banned publishers. These publishers went to other good pay per click networks and made more money than ad sense. They also posted why they left ad sense and how much they are earning now. Now Google is going to change their banning process of ad-sense and going to make it more publisher friendly. This means that they are not going to ban for the first error but going to suspend the publisher. So that the publisher can get one chance to remove the issue from the website and stay happy. Another good news related to it that the appeal process of banned publishers became more friendly.

What are the significant changes?

  • Google is going to consider the age and author rank of the publisher. From now they will only suspend the publisher instead of termination while the publisher work to fix the issue. Author rank consist of your locality, profession, latest posts in social networks and goes on.

    • The policy violation appeal process is more publisher friendly. Now it is easier to apply for appeal than before. A new and more detailed appeals form is created for banned publishers. They also changed the Terms of Service policy.

    • The main feature is that Google will provide more vivid details on why thy suspend your website and the invalid activity’s causes through email and the Ad Sense group. Google learned to respect the publishers who has banned accidentally due to invalid clicks.

    • Google launched new features to Ad Sense Academy making it more convenient. The steps are implementing the ad-units, take control of ads, get paid, track your success, try more features and products and finally increase traffic and grow earnings
    Try to be genuine when submitting an appeal. Do not try to reason with Google, accept if your mistake is the cause of banning. Remove the issue from your website and recheck entire website if anything sneaky is hidden in the site. Go to for submitting appeal.

    So share this post with all the publishers and make them happy.

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