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beginners lesson for using microsoft visual studio express

Beginners Lesson for Using Microsoft Visual Studio Express

Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop is used to create amazing applications and apps.
The main uses are to create Windows Store apps where these apps cane be used in windows phones and other mobile applications, desktop apps can be used in local computer using Windows 8.1 version, and tablet apps that can be used in different tablets, ASP.NET web apps, and XML web services. The codes can be written in various languages such as Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, Visual F#, and JavaScript. Using these languages, experts can do wonders in a giffy.

Using Microsoft Visual Studio Express, we can  run solutions on the cloud with different tools and services in order to connect computers, mobiles and tablets in a cloud connected form,  create engaging apps that are visually attractive, games which can be played in windows phone and other tablets, build responsive websites that runs smoothly in any browser and get greater insights and take data-driven decisions.

All these can done using Visual Studio Express 2013, however the issue is the local system where Visual Studio Express 2013 is installed need to have good performance and good RAM memory. There is a chance of slowing down of the system due to the heavy usage of processor. It is better to close other programs at the time of using Visual Studio Express 2013.

You can download Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 from Microsoft website where you will get 90 days trial period.

 It is very easy to create apps using Visual Studio Express 2013. There is a get stared guide from Microsoft in the website which can be easily accessed.

You can various sample apps from simple calculator, file converters, chat applications by going to the page .

Code for simple calculator can be obtained from . This calculator can be seen in the windows phone platform.

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