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How To Add ALT Tags To Your Images Blogspot Blog

An image can tell more than thousand words

This is a famous quote and is not applicable for search engines like and Because search engine crawlers cannot actually “see” images as humans. So how crawlers understand it as a image? By what we add as alt tag.

So how alt tags works?

The alternative text attribute allows us to assign a specific description to each image. That means Alternative text describes your images and also specifies an alternative text for the image if it cannot be displayed for some reason in the search results. By using the “alt” attribute information related to images can be provided for search engines. It is better to use a different and suitable file-name and “alt” attribute to all images in the website.

When alternative text (the alt attribute) is missing for several images, then your site’s SEO score will decrease and your website overall grade. So by adding alternative text to all your images can increase traffic as the search engines can better understand the content of your alt images and such images will appear in in the search results. If you want to use an image as a link, write the alt text which helps Google bots to understand more about the linked page like an anchor text for a text link.

How alt tags helps

  • If a anybody view your site on a browser with no support for images.
  • If visitors are using latest technological devices such as a screen reader (For speaking on-screen information or outputting to a Braille display).
  • Google Image Search will use this alt tags and your site will get more traffic.
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ALT Tags To Your Images
How Search Engine see the image

Things you need to understand before stuffing alt tags

  1. They are on of the important aspect of SEO and increase seo score.
  2. If a discussion arises of alt tag vs title tag, i will vote for alt tag.
  3. Try to restrict the number of characters in alt text to 150, including spaces.
  4. Do not underestimate the alt tags.
  5. Minimize the size of images using yahoo smudge and other software.
  6. Optimize your website’s page load times by reducing scripts and CSS.

Best practices when adding alt tags for images Blogspot Blog

  • Do not use generic filenames like “image1.jpg” or “1234.png”.
  • Try to use unique alt tags because there are sites with thousands of images who have automated software to name the images.
  • Extremely lengthy alt tags are usually not encouraged
  • Avoid using only and numerous image links for navigation of the website.
  • Avoid stuffing keywords into alt text.
  • Avoid copying and pasting some sentences or even paragraphs from posts.

How to add alt tags to blogger posts

You can add alt tags to HTML like this : <img width=”100″ height=”100″ src=”http://www.shipmethiscom.jpg” alt=”The original one touch SEO site” />

Another option is to left click on the image > Select the properties from the tab > add title tag and alt tag.
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