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5 Free SEO Optimised Responsive Blogger Templates Download

website design is really astonishing and there are many things to learn from them. They took so much time to design their websites as it is now. Then they add responsiveness in it, making it more cooler and stylish. Each website design is unique and some may not be suitable for your needs.

I am trying to make the list more vibrant and different. So that all kinds of websites are included in it. I will update this post regularly as I get info about newer and newer responsive websites. I am using  for checking the responsiveness of the websites and select those whom perform well.



Retina theme clearly optimized their design for mobiles and tablets and it is really astonishing to see that they have optimized each bit of the layout of the site. In the mobile website, the logo came in to the side and the slider bar came in adjacent side. This is real example of a mobile optimization.


Tech shadow

The website has only one right sidebar and used different media queries for each device. The website’s logo, Google custom search engine (CSE) is placed on top in tablet and mobile. Images are optimized using code,

.post-body img {
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;
border-width: 0;

The side bar gadgets are pushed below footer, making the sidebar scrollable. The ad sense ads used are responsive.


In sight theme, the search bar in mobile website went to the top and logo is above the search bar. Sight Blogger Theme is designed by SoraTemplates and Blogger Templates. This is a free template and you can download, edit the codes and use it as a template.



In Red Hood theme, the weather gadget overlay the navigation bar and the logo appears to be on the top. This is a free template and you can download and use it. However You have to keep the copy right and credits intact in this website. The issue with this template is that if you remove it will redirect back to This template have encrypted code that redirect the template. If you keep the name as it is and remove all the links, the redirection will not occur.




Fizz is a responsive slider theme which has amazing responsiveness in the design. The slider and the images are also responsive. It has navigation bar at the top and social icons in that tab. The search button goes under the bar. Fizz word press template is designed by Site5 WordPress Themes and Fizz Blogger Template is designed by Lasantha – Premium Blogger Templates. This is a free template and you can download and use it.

Every new blogger need good responsive templates for BlogSpot. A good template can do more than 100 posts. So that selection of each template is important. The blogger template of is selected after about 3 months of research from hundreds of websites. I configured it for 1 month till I get satisfied with it. What if rather getting one template per one post, I am going for a post about which is a platform to get free SEO blogger templates.

                    is a website that gives free blogger templates which are optimized for search engines. They are listed in 36,900 in the global alexa rank and ranked 15,213 in India. You can select free templates which are responsive according to your need. Let me explain about some of the catagories of the templates at their homepage.

The templates are catagorized,

By FEATURES including ads ready (templates with spaces for ads), slider post (slider gadget), tabber tabpagelist menu, header banner, featured section and social media icon,

By  Column include 1 Column, 2 Column, 3 Column, 4 Column etc,

By Style include adapted from word press, premiuim, magazine, news, simple type

By color and

By width consist of fluid type and fixed type.


The featured templates at their home page are listed below. They are unique and original blogger templates. To download them just go to the website and download it from there. You will get direct link from there. If you have any problems, let me know.

Sevida Responsive Premium blogger templates– It has a good responsive design and multi tabbed gadget. It designed for magazine type templates so that posts have a better outlook than other templates.

Guinys Premium Responsive– This template can be used for photography and portfolio.

MXfluity– Search engine optimized template with so much features.

TheFancy Premium templates– It has a good design with a good space for ads.

MyTimeline Template– Act as a Facebook timeline where all your posts are arranged in timely manner with good and innovative design.

The templates from are free. Some of their templates that are adapted from word press are really good and I suggest you consider them. The main problems faced are use of scripts that reduces site download time. But if user can ask them to remove such scripts or can configure by himself.

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