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rethink before going to buy and register new domain

Rethink Before Going to Buy and Register New Domain

The first thing you should consider when starting a online business, blog or a website is about your domain name. A domain name  is unique and it represent a unique authority in the internet.

So how to select an attractive domain name that gives importance to your target audience. I am writing this post to help you with the selection of domain names. I hope you had a domain name in your mind? Read this and analyze your name.

Avoid the following when buying domains!

  1. Avoid buying long domain names such as “”.
  2. Avoid confusing domain names like “paid/pay/click/”.
  3. Do not separate domain names with either dashes or hyphens like “”.
  4. Avoid domains that have a sub-domain like “” or “”.

How to know whether your domain name is memorable and short?

Well, Just use the telephone??? Call some friends and say the name of the domain. All your friends should repeat the name of the domain without making you repeat it again. After some days call again and ask for the name and observe whether they can reproduce the domain name. If yes proceed to next step.


Branding is good seo technique to increase the traffic and it goes with domain name selection. Let’s observe the names of giant companies -Face book(Stands for face and the book), Yahoo(word for excitement) etc. They are very easy to remember, right? So try to select short names for the domains. Another way for branding is to use Short forms for the domains. I will share a good name of a site that uses such technique “”. it is the site of the famous New York times. So this way you can select a domain.

Bothered about domain age?

If you need to get approval from ad sense and other good PPC model networks you should be bothered about domain age. Domain age is the real block for new bloggers to get approval of ad sense. For Indian bloggers, the domain age must be 6 months in order to apply for ad sense. So it is better to buy a old domain that satisfy some of the above matters that buying a new domain and optimizing it.

You can use whether your domain is registered to some one else. You will get a form.  Enter your expected domain name like “” and press “enter”.

Some domain companies

Go daddy


Google Domain Name Services
I hope you selected a good domain for your website after reading this post. Kindly share it with me. 

After purchasing domains, you need to host your domain to some hosting providers. Some of these hosting companies may provide free hosting plans. So for the selection of hosting provider and hosting plan.

Video Tutorial: How To Buy Domain Names on Google Domain Name Service

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