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What should Someone keep in mind before doing SEO?

Guest Post – Today our host is Vinay. In this awesome post he explains how to be practical  in doing seo and this post will act as a tutorial of seo for beginners.

Today SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a practice of promoting your website by improving it which results in large traffic from various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft etc. In short, SEO techniques help to get large number of visitors from different search engines but it does not mean that it is limited to search engines only. It also helps in improving the website to make it more user-friendly.

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Need for SEO

As stated earlier, SEO help to get lot of traffic through search engines.  As search engines are the major and primary source of information. Millions of users navigate throughout the internet for solution to their queries. If your website will be search engine friendly then it will become easier for users to locate it.

Types of SEO

SEO techniques can be categorized as off-page and on-page.  Off-page SEO include activities done anywhere other than website. On-page SEO includes those activities which are done on website.

On-page SEO aspects

Title tag – Title tags are the most important part of SEO. One should always use appropriate Title tags for the website as it help in better ranking of site and higher click through rates as well.

Meta tags– I have read a lot more on Meta tags and related ideas. I tried to share my findings in my posts. Check my older posts to know more about meta tags.

Link structure
– link structure of a website is a very crucial consideration. High quality interlinks result in more search engine friendly approach. It reflects the page depth (the number of required clicks to get a page from the homepage). Pages available in one click are preferred over those which require lot of clicks to get onto it.

Content analysis
– content analysis is as important as other aspects. Website must contain genuine and impressive content. It should not be copied. Good quality content which is easy to understand is preferred.

Off-page SEO aspects

Link building– links are said to be the measure of power of internet. One should always strive for getting more and more links to their site especially from those who are from the same industry. It helps you to make reputation of your website and get more traffic as well.

Anchor text– these are words which help to link one page from other. As the search engine crawls through links thus you can use targeted keywords as anchor text to increase your ranking on various search engines.

Site targeting– if you want your site to rank higher for a particular keyword you can make it happen by simply getting links from top ranking sites or even from your competitors.

Keyword research– before optimizing your site one should be aware of keywords. Keywords are broadly classified as primary and secondary keywords. Do a thorough research and select 3-4 keywords to be targeted.

Page ranking– Page ranking help user to get quality and most related content of what he has been looking for.

Benefits of SEO

Large traffic-once you will get ranked you will see your visitor’s count rising daily. More of traffic, more will be your popularity and success.

Easy to locate– optimizing your site will let users to locate you more easily by adding hcards to your contact page.

Ranking– To get higher ranking the site needs hundreds of referring links and good internal structure. If optimized fairly, you will surely get higher ranking by search engines which result in more popularity.

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