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Play YouTube in the background on Android and iOS

Many have used Youtube app in android devices that stop the video if switch from youtube app to another app or minimize all apps. It is very annoying that the you-tube app should always be in the foreground to play the videos.

Is there a way to change that to play youtube with screen off android? A way to play YouTube videos in the background on android while using another app or doing something else in the mobile phone. Here I will share an easy way to play youtube in background app, play youtube videos in the background of mobile on Android.

The widget is called floating video player. Floating video player basically means it just floats on top of all the apps opened in your android phone. This will Play YouTube in the background on Android and iOS. There were some small video players that effectively used this floating style video player. Some apps have crashed while using this feature of running you tube videos in the background.
Play YouTube Videos in the Background on Android
The below method uses Google Chrome browser and the support of its desktop version. Desktop version provides a good way for Android users to continuously run Youtube videos in the background without allowing it to stop while switching app.

Play YouTube in the Background on Android

Go to Playstore and download Google Chrome from Playstore to your Android mobile phone.
Open YouTube using and search for any video.
Go to Menu. You can find the menu by selecting the three-dot button at the top right.
Choose Desktop site [Request desktop site]. This will load the Desktop version of Youtube
Select Play button to get the video to play.
Trying switching to another app and the video will stop playing.
Go to Android settings menu and allow notifications for Chrome.
Go to the notification bar of your phone and select Play button in that.
Again switch to any other app and youtube video will continue to run in the background.
No need to use YouTube application from now on.
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