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parked page not redirecting to www domain com godaddy

Parked Page Not Redirecting to WWW.Domain.Com GoDaddy

Are you searching for parked domain redirecting, domain parking vs forwarding and how long does a 301 redirect take to work and how to redirect parked domain.

How to redirect parked domain

If your naked domain is not redirecting to, then you have to contact the host. If you have hosted the domain in Go daddy go to DNS manager. You can access domain manager by going to manage domains in Godaddy. Go to domain DNS settings. Find IP address of yours which you are having trouble in accessing naked domain. Copy and paste the IP address in the first line of DNS that is shown as A record. Edit the IP address value of A record and save the dns settings.

How long does a 301 redirect take to work

Wait for 24 hours so that it will automatically redirect to

Conversation on parked domain not redirecting with GoDaddy customer care executive

Customer Care Executive:. May i know Customer Customer id and 4 digit Call-In PIN and Customer contact number?

Customer: Support PIN [It can be attained by going to the profile page and select support pin], Mobile Number
GoDaddy Customer Care Executive: Thanks Customer
GoDaddy Customer Care Executive: How may i help?
Customer: my domain domain is not redirecting. Its going to parking page of GoDaddy. How can make it redirect?
GoDaddy Customer Care Executive: May i know where you have hosted the domain?
Customer: blog spot
Go Daddy Customer Care Executive: Do you have IP address with you right now?
Customer: IP address [Go to properties of the Internet connection and you find the IP address]
GoDaddy Customer Care Executive: You have to add this IP address in domain DNS.
Customer: I don’t know which other IPs are having this issue. How can i add each IP in dns
Go Daddy Customer Care Executive: Please refer this link
GoDaddy Customer Care Executive: Can you see Domain DNS.
Customer: yes
GoDaddy Customer Care Executive: Can you see A record and value as [It can be any IP address]
Customer: yes
GoDaddy Customer Care Executive: Please click on edit option over their?
Customer: ok
GoDaddy Customer Care Executive: Seems its done, please save the changes..
Customer: i saved it
Customer: Now it says it is no longer parked by go daddy
Customer: but not redirecting
GoDaddy Customer Care Executive: You have to wait for time propagation as you are using third party hosting..
Customer: ok
Customer: When it will be ok
Customer: Its still showing the error
Go-daddy Customer Care Executive: Within 24-48 hours..

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