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free online google page rank checker blogger

Free Online Google Page Rank checker blogger

HAPPY APRIL FOR EVERYBODY!!!! I am going to share an awesome online free page rank checker tool for you in April as a gift…

Page rank is an important aspect in search engine optimization. The websites and blogger sites has a page rank of 0 to 10. It is from very low to very high and getting a page rank of 1 sometimes is a huge task for new bloggers but something is better than nothing, right? Anyway the age rank system is only for Google. So do not worry, if you did not have a page rank. It will come to you. Usually a page rank updation from Google side takes 4 to 5 months.

To get a page rank, keep your link to a hundred minimum. Use nofollow tags to ban Google bot to excessive links. Attain more back-links from .edu and .gov sites. Commenting a page with your links is a good way to increase page rank. The main aspect is that page rank is only for one page of a website not for every page offers. So if has page-rank of 1 and needonetouch.or/post will not have page rank. Page rank is divided into 7. From 1 to 7., and other popular websites will get that much page rank. So for bloggers, it is better to satisfied at 5 and try to achieve more.

So here I am submitting you a fast and secure Page Rank Checker Tool. This is best option to check your Google Page Rank. Google page rank is updated based on link juice including referring links, internal a href links, external links and the links from other higher ranked sites like Wikipedia, Mozilla etc. To get higher page rank you need add more internal links and trust links.

Add your site url click in Submit button. Choose the style and cut and paste in your pages. No additional code or information is needed. Just enter your domain name. If you like this then like us.. If you want this code subscribe us and comment here with your email id. After verification we will personally send the code to your mail.



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Check Page Rank of Your Website Instantly:

Enter the URL of any website or web page to get its Google PageRank. Remember, “” and “” may have different results.


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