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Install OWO Chrome Extension in Chrome Web Store – Google

Are you bored of the normal Chrome browser interface and want to try something fun. Why not install OWO Chrome Extension By Leafysweets. OWO Chrome Extension By Leafysweets will change your browser experience completely. You will give an amazing 10/10 for this OWO Chrome Extension By Leafysweets. People not just love Owo, they go gaga over it. You can use this owo chrome extension for mobile and pc as as owo text converter, owo meme generator, owo memes maker, and owo text maker. Use OWO Chrome Extension now. Read more to know on what is owo chrome.

How To Install OWO Chrome Extension

Go to Google Webstore and type Owo Extension or use this link Owo Chrome Extension Install.
Select Add to Chrome and wait for the download.
Owo will automatically get installed once download starts.
An O symbol will appear on top of the Google Task Bar.
Start browsing now.

Try OWO Chrome Extension By Leafysweets

What is owo chrome

Lets see. Watch this video on what happens when I install OWO Chrome Extension By Leafysweets in Google Chrome Browser.

Stuff To read With OWO Chrome Extension

The following are some of the readers suggestions that you can use if you are using OWO Chrome Extension for the first time.
  1. Trump’s Twitter feed
  2. Nigeria Wikipedia page
  3. School Websites
  4. Google Search
  5. Smutty fanfic
  6. Gmail
  7. Silently Install in a friend’s browser and walk away

What Does OWO Chrome Extension By Leafysweets Do?

The OWO Chrome Extension By Leafysweets read the data from websites when it loads and rewrite the text. This way you will be getting so many owo memes than actual text. Rose will become Wose. Try reading online text of War and Peace using this owo extension.

How to Turn off Owo Chrome Extension

Go to Chrome Browser
Click on More Tools > Extensions on the right side.
Copy the chrome://extensions/
Paste in Chrome Tab and press enter.
Find Owo Extension from the list and select the recycle bin button
Select Remove.
Or select the OWO button in the Chrome Task bar.
Select Remove from Chrome.

Spoiler Alert for OWO Extension

Remember this: R’s Are W’s 
L’s Are W’s

Read This post in Owo Text

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