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Online Syntax Error Parsing XML Validator Tool

XML means eXtensible Markup Language like HTML and can be read by humans as well as machine. XML is a text-based format used to code document in a specific format.

Blogger templates are formatted with XML hence it is essential that the template has a valid XML document with proper syntax.

Major Syntax Rules in XML

All the XML documents have a root element
XML elements are closed with a closing tag “>”
XML attributes must be mentioned such as version and encoding.
XML attribute values must be quoted for XML attributes names
XML declaration should be present in an XML document.

Errors in parsing XML

Many types of errors can appear if the XML elements are not properly quoted and syntax rules are not followed.

XML parsing declaration error page view

So it is necessary to format the XML correctly.

Syntax-Check Your XML

You can use this Online XML Error Parsing Validator Tool to validate all your XML validations and checking errors.

Perfectly Formed XML :

Incorrect XML :

The error is “</ pheading>” in the document code which is not a valid code. The original code should be “</heading >”

Syntax-check your own XML :

DTD (The original Document Type Definition) and XML Schema are two different document type definitions used with XML.

If you want to check HTML, CSS and other validation errors, use the following online tools;

(Solved) Error parsing XML: W3 HTML CSS Validation Errors

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