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Hide / remove / no display of navigation bar in blogger templates

Website design optimization is really essential for users to create good SEO scores and improve traffic to your website or blog. How to optimize your website design by removing or hiding the in built nav bar. Many of the new bloggers who uses simple blogger templates provided by blog spot  do not have enough idea about the problem about the template.

Blog spot templates have so much in built gadgets in it. Sometimes they act as an issue to the SEO and traffic of the blog. Nav bar is one of that gadget that creates problems for new bloggers. Nav bar or the navigation bar is an inbuilt bar which appears on the upper side of the Blog-spot blog.

top nav bar gadget in blogger template
nav bar

How Nav bar affect your ranking in Google and other search engines?

I am writing this post for you who uses simple, travel etc. templates provided by Blogger. So that you can edit your template fast and change to improve ranking in Google. This nav bar sometimes act as device that divert bloggers to another blog and make them redirect from the blog. This redirection gives the website low scores and more number of bounce rates. For a good site bounce rates should be minimal and users should stay in the site and read the entire post. So it is better to eradicate all links that makes visitors divert away from the content and stay in the blog.
The inbuilt nav bar has a search bar, Google+ share button, more, next blog button, create blog and sign in buttons.

Next blog button does makes the visitor to leave your blog.


How to hide this nav bar.

Then go to Template > Edit HTML.

 Find ]]></b:skin> by CTRL+F

Add the below code above that code:

#navbar {
 height: 0;
 visibility: hidden;
 display: none;

The code visibility: hidden do the trick and also the display: none code.

By hiding this nav bar, your blog will get more attractive and beautiful.

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