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blogger meta geo tag generator for free online

Blogger Meta Geo Tag Generator For Free Online

Are you looking for Blogger geo Tag Generator For Free Online. Then here it is.  You can use this Blogger geo Tag Generator For Free Online and update all your meta tags in blogs and websites. Meta geo tags are essential in getting a boost in rankings and serp changes in Google. Add meta geo for posts and update it to get goo SEO ranks.

I think we all know what met tags are. Anyway let me to give an introduction about them. In blogger, Meta tags are essential for a website. The search robots of Google find the website by reading Meta tags when somebody is searching but these information’s are not visible for the visitor.

The common html Meta tags are: “author”, “description” and “keywords”. There will be two phrases for Meta tags: name and content.
Meta tags look like in the html codes:

Add Meta geo-tags in html/xml of blogger/Blog Spot for SEO

Meta tags are used for search engine optimization. So when used SEO quack for optimizing this site I got “*” mark in geo tags. So I searched it. I got info which I am going to share with you. Geo tags are Meta tags that provide information about the geographical location of the web page.

What are Geo-Tags ?

Local searches are more common among people especiallycommercial products. Nowadays search engines like Google and yahoo are already capable to handle regional searches. You may notice the change of to or in. They are country specific search engines.  So that these search robots collects city and street names from the text content of the discovered web pages. Geo tags will make things easier since they deliver information about country, region, district and latitude/longitude coordinates.

How to create Geo-Tags?

Go to by copy and paste the url on the browsers tab. Type names of city, country. Zoom in or out in the map. It is better to not give exact latitude/longitude coordinates for protecting the privacy. Dublin Core  or DC.title is used to read out geo tags based websites in their index.
You can replace the red colored code your regional info here

<META CONTENT=’Global’ NAME=’distribution’/>
<META CONTENT=’kochi‘ NAME=’city’/>
<META CONTENT=’India, IN‘ NAME=’country’/>

<meta content=’kerala‘ name=’DC.title’/>
<meta content=’IN-KL‘ name=’geo.regio
<meta content =’cochi‘ name=’geo.placename‘/?
<meta content=’11.178402;75.9375‘ name=’geo.position’/>
<meta content=’11.178402, 75.9375‘ name=’ICBM’/>

It is better to use the first code as it is.

How to add geo tags to your html page?

Go to html section of template. Find </head> and add this tag before it. tag by ctrl+F. Paste the Meta tag just below it and save it. Your site is optimized for SEO.

Extract your web page’s meta information and tags.

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