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Create logos, emblems, badges and images using Adobe Photoshop Brush tool

I have been doing some reconnoitering in Photoshop and downloading some tutorials to study more. I have found out a way to create awe-inspiring brushes in Photoshop and make some startling images with it. You can also try it and create astounding images by applying mind and creativity. You can also use this tool create logos, symbols, emblems and badges by yourself.

Lesson 1

              Download and Install Photoshop first (that’s what people do first – correct me if I am wrong – just kidding)
             Create a new file by CTRL+N and selecting any option. Better use it 1024*768 pixels.
             Click on “T”for Text in the tool bar. Type some letters in to the box. I typed “Ship Me This” in the box.
              Select the layer from the layer box and right click on the layer. You will see an option that says “Rasterize layer”. Click that and Photoshop will rasterize the text into an image.
              Then go to edit option in Photoshop. There you will see an option that says, “Define brush preset”. Click on that and a box will appear with a heading of “Brush name”. The box include the image that you have rasterized.
              Type anything in the box (I have typed sample brush) and click ok.
              Then select the “Brush” icon from the tool bar and you can see the list of so many brushes above the tool bar.
              Click on the down arrow and drag the curser to last. Click the last brush which says your typed name, in my case “Ship Me This”. Click on it and just click the brush to the file.

Now you got your own brush..congrats!!

You can make many types of brushes using this method and most of the people do not use this for making logo or designing. This is an easy way to do something awesome and brainstorm for creating surprising images. Hope you liked it.


You can use the “mode” button near the list of brushes. Mode tool give you options like vivid light, hard light, soft light, difference, exclusion etc. Try all of them and find out the outcomes. You can control the brush using the opacity option and flow option. You can right click and reduce the size of the brush.

You can delete the brush by going to the list of brushes and right clicking in the brush and you will get the option of “delete brush”. Just click it and press “ok” and the brush is deleted.

The following is some that I have created who do not anything about Photoshop. So if I can do this, you also can.

ship me this dark mosaic button
ship me this dark mosaic

ship me this bright button
ship me this bright button 2
ship me this candy
ship me this candy image

ship me this silver button in hand

ship me this badges

ship me this emblems

ship me this silver button in hand 2
Here it is

ship me this logos and badges
Where is my drum???!!!

ship me this logos in glass
Oh girl…

ship me this logos using Adobe tool brush
How many moons are there in one sky?

emblems and images with Photoshop tools
What are you looking? 

ship me this logos
You know me???

ship me this brush logos

Profit is higher than ever ship me this brush tools

If you have created something good, just share with me and I love to see that. You could tweet or post in fb or G+. Thanks.


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