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ship me this gadget to know blog/website visitors IP addresses?

You may be knowing that each internet user is connected to an IP. To know this IP address, you can just go and search in Google, what is my IP address?. The Google search will understand it and will show you your IP. But if you want a gadget that can be embedded in your website which shows the IP addesses of visitors. Then you reached in the right post.

Internet protocol addresses are identifications of a user. Every internet user have a IP address. The two main functions of IPs are location identification and network interface identification.

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visitors IP addresses

There are two types of IPs : IPv4 and IPv6. IANA is the one who makes it and distribute it in internet. You can find your area by just querying your IP here This is how cyber police is finding anonymous people. So i typed IP address in Google. I got this site as second in Google with a note.

This site may harm your computer.

This means that the site can harm you. For more info go here.

 But the third site is this

What Is My IP Address | Shows Your IP Address

Without any warning. Well, i found a good trick you can use in your website or blog.
Simply paste the following code in html box and save it.
You will find that a box is showing ip addresses.
The code started below

<a href=”” title=”Your IP Address”><img src=”” alt=”what is my ip address?” border=”0″ /></a>

</li><div align=’right’><span style=’font-style: italic; font-size: 8px; color: solid #ffffff;’><a href=’’ style=’text-decoration: none;’><font color=’#ffffff’ decoration=’none’>[Get this widget]</font></a></span></div>

The code ended below. Hope you will find it good


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