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How To Remove nbsp; in HTML From Blogspot Blog

Many users had issues with &nbsp appearing when they copy text and paste in blogspot blog post editor. Even though &nbsp Breaking Space appears to be nothing of a problem, it reduce website rankings, creating a less quality website. Here is an easy way to understand how these breaking spaces reduces the quality of a website and how to stop &nbsp Breaking Space by removing them from HTML section of your Blogspot Blog to improve your website Rankings.

What Is &nbsp Means?

Full form of &nbsp is non-breaking space which means that these are spaces where a line break will not occur. When you paste a copied text to blogger post editor, the &nbsp code appears before the first word of the sentence meaning that an extra space is added with the previous word and the pasted word.

As per W3Schools normally HTML will truncate spaces in your text. If you write 10 spaces in your text HTML will remove 9 of them. So in order to add spaces to text, people use the   character entity. However blogspot blog has this unresolved problem. Whenever someone paste a code, automatically one &nbsp code appears creating an extra space between words.

html section of blogger

Here is an example of &nbsp and see how it works.

Normal Sentence

Jack is dating Mary.

Here is the text appearing in Blogspot post editor HTML section for the normal sentence.

Jack is dating Mary.

Now I have copied the text “dating Mary” in a notepad and paste it in post editor.

Pasted Sentence

Jack is dating Mary.

Here is the text appearing in Blogspot post editor HTML section for the pasted sentence.

Jack is  dating Mary.

This will appear to viewers as well as search engine bots as;

Jack is dating Mary.

Can you see an extra space between “is” and “dating”. You can do a preview using the new HTML Editor and Preview Tool by pasting the sentence inside the editor and previewing it.

html preview tool

Having more extra spaces between words reduces user experiences reducing ranking for your website. This is how &nbsp Breaking Space Reduces Website Rankings overall.

How To Stop &nbsp Breaking Spaces From Reducing Your Website Rankings

In order to stop&nbsp Breaking Spaces, you need to remove them from the HTML section of your website. There are couple of ways to do that.

Opting For Line Breaks with Enter

1. Go to Post Editor
2. Go to Options in the side bar
3. Select Press “Enter” for line breaks
4. Select Done.

opting for line breaks blogspot

Pasting Text in HTML Mode

If you want to paste any text, then select HTML and paste the text. This way the nbsp; will not appear. After pasting you can revert back to Compose mode for typing the blog post. I think this is the best method for removing nbsp empty spaces from blogspot blog.

Manual Removal of &nbsp HTML codes

1. Go to HTML section of the post.
2. Press CTRL+F
3. Type &nbsp inside the boxt
4. Remove all instances of &nbsp in the HTML box

This may take time if you are writing a long post with many pasted texts.

Removal Using Notepad2

Download Notepad2 from
Install Notepda2 in your computer.
Open Notepad2
File > Encoding > ENSI
File > Line Encoding > Windows
Copy all the text from HTML section of blogspot blog.
Click Replace button

Type &nbsp

Select Replace all.
Copy all the text and paste in blogger HTML section.
Save the changes / update / publish.

Removal Using Microsoft Word / Wordpad


1. Go to HTML section in the post editor after writing the entire post entirely in BlogSpot.
2. Copy all the code using CTRL+A followed with CTRL+C.
3. Open a Word document in Wordpad or Microsoft Word and paste all the HTML codes
4. Click Replace button and enter &nbsp in the box

replace button in Microsoft word

5. Select replace all
6. Copy the HTML code using CTRL+A followed with CTRL+C.
7. Paste in Blogspot HTML Section.

This way you can improve your website rankings better and create a good user experience.

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