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How to find out if someone is on Facebook dating app

8 Best Ways To Tell If Someone Is On Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating, like Tinder, is a terrific option for people looking for love connections through the worldwide social network. On Facebook, you may identify possible dates based on your hobbies, preferences, events, or activities. But how can you find out if someone is on Facebook Dating app or not.

The answer to the question of whether you can look for someone on Facebook Dating is both “Yes” and “No.” Even though the app does not let you search for a specific user directly, a sophisticated people search engine may quickly help you locate someone on Facebook Dating or other dating services.

8 Ways on How To Tell If Someone Is On Facebook Dating

You can like someone or dislike someone by knowing their interests and hobbies. Facebook dating apps provide a way to know all this about someone.

You only need to know their names, contact information, or a photo of them if you are asking yourself how to find out if someone is on Facebook dating app. This could be your soulmate or a potential first date.

1. Username Search

Username search is the best way to know whether the person you are looking for is in Facebook dating app or not. Usersearch go through all the database of social networks including Facebook. So essential by searching username on you will be able to know all associated social networks based on the username.

  1. Go to Usersearch
  2. Enter username and select Social Networks as the category
  3. Press search button
  4. Wait for10-15 seconds for the search to finish
  5. Voila, you will get best results of all social networks registered for the username including Facebook.
usersearch social networks
usersearch social networks

2. Social Catfish Reverse Image Search

Social Catfish is a professional online dating investigation service with advanced picture search capabilities. It will search for matches from internet networks, public databases, and various search engines just by uploading a photo.

You’ll be able to examine the individual’s identifying information as well as monitor which websites the person has a profile on. This covers not just well-known social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram but also a variety of dating websites.

  • Choose one of the websites to reverse image search like Social Catfish
  • Go to their website and upload the picture
  • Click on “search” and see all the results
image search social catfish
image search social catfish

You can check if someone has a dating profile using the reverse image search option of Social Catfish.

3. Search Facebook Dating App

If the reverse image search fails to provide results, try using Facebook Dating app to do a search. Facebook is the most vast community you can search with people giving in their information voluntarily, so it is easier to find someone there.

You can type phone number, name, username, email address or any other personal information in Facebook search box and search. Facebook will find all details of the person that has the related information.

4. Spokeo – Find Secret Dating Profiles

People search engines or reverse email lookup tools can help you to find someone on Facebook Dating app or find secret dating profiles on other dating sites. You can do searches on names, usernames, email address or by their photos.

spokeo name search
spokeo name search

When it comes to following someone’s digital footprints and identifying their social media pages, Spokeo is a popular tool. It monitors over 120 social networks to provide you with the most accurate results, including the most popular sites like Facebook and Instagram, as well as new dating applications.

  • Choose one of the websites to reverse image search like Spokeo
  • Go to their website and enter the first and last name
  • Click on “search” and see all the results

5. Use Secret Crush Option

Only people who sign up for Facebook Dating have access to their profiles. They cannot, however, be found using public search engines such as Google or Bing. If you don’t want to use a specific people search engine to look for dating profiles, join Facebook Dating.

You may add your Facebook friends or Instagram followers as a hidden crush even if you aren’t paired with a current Facebook buddy. They won’t be alerted unless they want to use the app. It’s a match if your crush adds you to their Secret Crush list as well.

6. Create Fake Facebook Dating Account Yourself

You create a new fake Facebook dating account and add different parameters for your preferred someone. By adding such information, Facebook dating app will find the profile of the person you are looking for.

You might need to spend sometime figuring out if the someone chosen by Facebook dating app is the one you are looking for. You can easily check if someone is on a dating site using this method. As you already know Facebook Dating is a part of the Facebook profile, you can easily track someone’s Facebook dating app account if you happened to find a mutual friend.

7. Spy Tools

There are many spy tools available online that can be installed in computer or mobile phones. These spy tools will save images, logs and url address of the visited of the websites in a hidden folder. Only someone who knows the password can access this hidden folder. Installing this spy tool and tracking the person is a breach of trust of and a violation of privacy.

8. Ask them directly

This might be the dumbest idea but sometimes it works. You can find if your spouse or romantic partner is using a dating app by just asking them directly. You can confront them by acting like you know about their profile. This will get them off track and they might accept their mistake. This technique might not work if you need to find out if your partner is cheating, cause they would not admit in that case.


Discovering that your spouse or boyfriend is using a dating app may be a difficult emotional journey. However, it’s critical that you find out since living with a cheater isn’t great either.

If you have any doubts that your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend is cheating on you using Facebook Dating, you should approach them about it. However, it would be a better outcome if you verify that they are on Facebook Dating, or your positive relationship may be jeopardized. You may use these strategies to confirm whether or not they are using Facebook for dating before moving on to the next stage.