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Google AdSense Experiment – How To Increase Your Earnings

Many of us do google experiments ab testing and  A/B Testing with Google Analytics to optimize Website Conversions. Recently I ran a google experiment and checked a hypothesis about importance of fresh content. This google experiment successfully proved that fresh content is essential. Here are some amazing results from this google experiment.

I am regular blogger who gets enough money from ad sense to fairly live a good life. Google Adsense is an amazing program that lifted many from poverty in undeveloped and developing countries. How much people tell about the bad and wrong, this programs still help millions.

I recently ran a 10 Days Experiment with Google Adsense and would like to share few pointers that may help the new bloggers out there. I am sure whether these will be helpful for bloggers who have not got the approval yet.

What was the 10 Days Google Experiment with Adsense?

It was simple. DOING NOTHING. You heard it right. I did nothing for ten days. No publishing, no back linking, no social sharing. Nothing. I read in some article that Google does not care about fresh posts, new content or new links. It is all about making quality content and leave it there to grow.
I wanted to check this hypothesis. I left the blog the way it is and did nothing on it for ten days. What were the results. It was drastic change in traffic, clicks and a lot of other changes. I will explain them below.

Reduction in Traffic

Results of 10 Days Google Experiment with Ad senseOrganic traffic to the site got reduced gradually. Gradual in terms of lessening 4-5% every day. Google bots crawl rate decreased. 
I think it is because Google bots have stopped crawling as the detected no activity in the site compared to the usual publishing periods.
Reduced organic traffic resulted in dropping few keywords from the first page and this resulted in lesser organic traffic. This cycle repeated 3 times in ten days.

Drop in Average Search Position

There was a significant drop in the search position in those last 5 days compared to previous 5 days of the ten day period. This results in loss of clicks. I though about stopping this google experiment but later decided to go for it.

Drop in Ad revenue

There was a 4% decrease in ad revenue. Page views decreased by 11%, Page RPM decreased by 13% and the Amazing Result is the decrease of CPC. CPC reduced by 29%.

What has increased

Impressions was same for that period and Click through Rate increased by 19% and clicks increased by 6%. 
CTR and Clicks increased but CPC and revenue decreased. 

Conclusion from 10 Days Google Experiment with Adsense

1. Fresh posting is essential to increase crawl rate and page views. 
2. No fresh content means blog is not as active as there are no new visitors.
3. Link your blog with Google Analytics
4. Results of your blog can vary in Analytics, Ad sense and Search console.
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