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How To Get Chitica affiliation approval for blogger Sites

image of Chitica website
Chitica affliation approval

Everybody in the SEO section talks about ad-sense and how to get the approval of ad-sense. Well, we are missing a point. There are other websites that offer targeting type ads. Chitica is a good website that offers it and gives good revenue from your website. It is also not so tough to get approval from them. In my personal opinion they are very nice. The customer support they give to publishers is excellent. You know about ad-sense, right?

What is Chitica?

Chitica is just like ad-sense in which you can use both of them in your website. They will stay there like good friends.

Chitica offers search targeted, user targeted and mobile based ads to the publishers. The ads can be customized by publishers. New design based ads are available in Chitica. The only problem is that it gives a descent income compared to ad-sense. Targetd means if i type the following lines,there may have a chance to show the text based on excel,microsoft or some other software. 

                    The lines are “The Microsoft excel or MS excel is a windows based program that is used for calculating data and examining them. This is the spread sheet program widely used in PC, s also. The MS excel is a very useful software that is used for the economical expansion, preparation of budget, taxes etc. Accounting work can be done using MS excel very easily without mistakes, with the help of MS excel”.

How to get Chitica approval?

The website should have something to offer to get approval. I have checked so many blogs which was listed in the Google as first but taking a hell of a time to load. So my point is page speed of the website is important. Meta-tags and keywords are also important. Be sure to get enough quality to what you are writing. For that you can use a nice website:

Click for article checker in the navigation bar section. Paste using ctrl+v and find out about the quality of what you are writing. You must have more than 15 posts that suits with your keywords. The website should have shared in Face book, Google+, twitter like social networking sites.
The websites must not give any bad links or sources because they check it first. If you have all these go to to and apply under publishers. Wait for a verification mail and wait for 24 hours. Enjoy and be happy you are affiliated.



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