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How to Create Android App for Blogger Blog

Are you searching for how to create android app for blogger, convert blog to app and convert blogger to android app. This post has the best information on how to make android app for blogger blog, create android app for your blog, blog app makers, create free android app for my blog, How to Create Android App for your Blog/Website and how to make android app for wordpress blog.

Do you want hundreds and thousands of people checking out your published posts daily.

You would agree with me when I say an app make it happen.

An app for your blogspot blog can give you hundreds and thousands of readers and not just readers, REGULAR READERS, thereby increasing revenue and traffic.

Do you Want An App For Your Blogspot Blog for Android, I can help. I can help you to create a custom made android app for your blogspot blog for reaching hundreds and thousands of regular mobile visitors.

How to Create Android App for Blogger Blog

Android App for Blogger Blog : get started with Android app for blogspot blog

What can an android app can do and how it help you to earn good earnings. Making an Android app for blogspot is not at all comfortable and you have to pay so much to the developers if you hire than via upwork or
I tried it.
Believe me.
I spend around 6k for developing a small app with limited features but still could not make it work. Then I decided to research on mobile blogging apps and where can I get one nice app for blogspot. I searched Google for best blogging app for android 2017 or best apps for bloggers. But could not find anything.
I decided to get blogger app apk from other app market places but still could not get the source code of these apps. The source codes were encrypted and unable to edit them. I then experimented with how to start a blog from phone. I downloaded some so called best blogging app for iphone as I use iphone and all the best blogging apps that store asked me to pay for the service. The pay was monthly and some was yearly. 
There are many blogger websites that teaches how make android apps for blogspot. I downloaded Android studio and what not. Lost many hours and still unable to even generate an app for blogpost. Then I started looking at existing android app platforms to get a free app for Android platform. 

Convert blog to app : Limitations of blog app makers

There are many tutorials out there on How to Create Android App for your Blog/Website, Convert your Blogger Blog into an App and The Ultimate Guide To Create Android App For Blogger Blog.
Let Me Say To You. I tried everything. And These Does Not Work.
I will list out some Major reasons of such app platforms and source codes.

App Platforms are not user friendly

Some App platforms ask you to provide all sort if information and ask you drag and drop widgets, add theme, add feeds and what not. At the end of the 2 hour struggle, you will end up having no app that can be uploaded to Play Store.

App Platforms Do Not Let You Monetize

That is right. Most of the android app making platforms do not let you add Ad mob codes or let you monetize your content.

App Makers Put Their Ad in your content

App makers ask you to all the work and give you a free app. Once you upload the app, they will put their ads generating free revenue from your content.

App Makers Ask you to pay Monthly Subscription Pay

All the app makers ask you to pay monthly subscription fee to keep the app working. Unless they will suspend it or ad ads to it distorting all your work.

Source Codes Are So Complicated

I checked all the tutorials in Google to create a blogger blog android app. Unless you are a pro in Eclipse or Android Studio, you will not be able to make an app with the tutorials. It is so tough and complicated.

Errors, Errors, And More Errors

Some people often try so hard to make the source codes to work and download all app development software for android such as Java, Android Studio and Eclipse end up having many errors and no app.
Believe Me. I tried it.

Pricing of App Platforms : How to make android app for blogger blog with less cost

Let us check the pricing of app platforms that let you create apps for free [or what they say]

AppyPie blog app maker – Make an App, As Easy as Pie

AppyPie is a famous app maker and tells you making an app as easy as pie. Yes but they will take most of the share.

Limitations of Free Plan

Appypie put their ads on your blogger blog generating revenue for them. They do not publish the app in PlayStore. you have to do that for yourself or pay money to hire a developer.

Limitations of Paid Plan
The pricing plan of AppyPie starts from 499 Rs per month.
create free android app for my blog
The app buyer has to pay all maintenance fee, license fee and update fess.
Section 1.5 clause Billing, Termination, and Cancellation and Refund on Lifetime Plan (Perpetual License), “the client has paid the one-time upfront license fee and continues to pay the ongoing yearly fees towards App maintenance & updates“. Source
They can terminate your account and access anytime with immediate effect.

1.11 Termination: Appy Pie LLC may terminate your access to all or any part of the Service at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately.

They can terminate your account and access anytime with immediate effect if there is a chargeback or payment dispute.

1.12 Chargebacks: If we receive a chargeback or payment dispute (i.e. PayPal Dispute) from a credit card company or bank, your service and/or project will be suspended without notice.

AdianteApps blog app maker

Check the prices of AdianteApps for creating android app of blogspot blog.

Blogger - Android Apps on Google Play

ibuildapps blog app maker Pricing Plans 

how to make android app for wordpress blog.

There are many app builders that let you create android apps but take advantage of it. App builders will have only few drag and drop set functions and no access to APIs or YouTube videos or advanced level for function.
Most of the app builders do not care about your apps and never answer to your calls and emails. Building Android apps without coding in these app builders are just too hard and bad. So what is the alternative.

Ship Me This blog app maker

In order to help upcoming bloggers and bloggers who do not have apps, Ship Me This has started an app creation service.

So What Do We Do

We have an existing app template for blog spot blogs and we will generate an android APK for you.
You give us Ad mob codes and We will send you APK.

Ship Me This App

Check out Ship Me This App in Google Play Store. Download and install the app in your mobile to see how it looks and the functions.
ship me this app in google play store
We will generate the exact replica of the Ship Me This app with your website name and content.

What are the Features of This Full Multi-Purpose Android App For WordPress blog and Blogspot Blog

Automatic Publishing
The app pull your posts from Feedburner feeds automatically and display in the app. You do not need to update it at all.

Categories and Labels
You can show posts as per categories and labels that you have added in Blogspot blog.
Ad Mob Advertising

The app will show ad mob interstitial ads and banner ads. This will generate more revenue for you.
YouTube Support
You can show your favorite playlist from Youtube in the app.

In Built Music, Audio, Video, And Radio
App has all the necessary function for showing music, audio, video, and radio.

Show Pages and posts from Face Book, Twitter and Websites
You can display as many websites as you want.

What The App Do Not Do

We do not support in- app purchases.
We do not provide future supports but we can connect you with other freelance developers
We do not share source code of the app template.

What Are You Paying For: convert your blog to app

You will be paying for two items and all this will be a one time payment. We will not ask you to pay monthly or yearly.
2. APK – As I mentioned earlier, we do not share source code but working APK of your blog spot blog. It depends on your requirements of what kind of features the app should have.

3. Time – It will take around 4-5 days to make an app for your blog spot blog adding all features you need and take another 24 hours for Google to Approve it.
We will help and support you as much as we can even after the payment. I urge you to check the Ship Me This Blogspot Blog app before contacting me.
Kindly Share AheadShip Me This