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get  visitors a day by best online news press releases

Get 1000 Visitors A Day by Best Online News Press Releases

Writing Online News press Releases are needed and it is unavoidable if you are in the business industry. I am sharing some techniques to write best  and good online press releases.


In this post I am going to introduce the best ways to write online press releases. Press releases are important for a business firm or a company. Press releases boost the traffic to the company and engage users. The post explains about how to grab the readers’ attention, how to avoid Cliches and plagiarism, how to use real life examples, how to give hints of significant and organic growth and how to proof-read your content. This post will enhance your knowledge about press releases and make you get a clearer understanding about it.

Today we are living in a busy world. With all the technological and informational boom, people do not have time to read all the content you write in the posts. So the idea of all press releases is to grab the attention of journalists, bloggers and consumers all around the globe. For that we can use powerful quotes, funny jokes or even images.Using tip sheets can increase attention. Adding expert opinions increases credibility of post. Including best practices can also work as a attention seeker.

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Main problem of all press releases

The main problem of all press releases is that they are competing with thousands of marketing firms out there. So it is better if the companies press releases are stick to the facts and free of mistakes. Even if the content got a slightest negative impression, it will be really hard to correct it. A good press release will get reader’s attention fast, makes them click “Read More” link and provides valuable content.

Avoid Cliches and plagiarism

Cliches are often used to attract visitors like “Best online press releases for you free” and “create top press releases with no cost at all”. But such traffic is going to end, if you do not have a unique and original content. So it is better to avoid Cliches. Plagiarism is another problem everybody suffers. Even I did some plagiarism in my earlier blogging years. Then I tried to change such tendencies and used reference even if I had to paraphrase content of another blogger. So try to avoid plagiarism and give source credit for other sources.

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Use real life examples in press releases

Real life examples are very important for press releases to illustrate how company solved a problem and what were the benefits from it. People are more interested, if they got real info with facts that interfere with their everyday life. Company can also state the consequences if the chosen solution was not perfect.

Timeliness of information

Do you want more traffic by releasing press releases, then you should release them in a timely manner. Some companies always postpone press releases for tomorrow. This is not a good trend to follow. What if the company got an award in 2007 July and they are publishing it 2013. There will be no significant impact on that press release. So there should be a reason and a objective before publishing online press releases. Each release should be up to date.

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Give hints of significant and organic growth

When people read the press releases, they do not know about your company and how much big it is. So you need to show people the things you or your company achieved. It can be awards, better ranking or whatever. You can launch press releases for new business partnerships, Announcement of a new product, results of a marketing survey you conducted, involvement with a community, charity organizations or a group etc. You don’t need to exaggerate, but give hints in order to get readers impression and attention.

Proofread the content

Plagiarism and copying are main problems that people commit while writing press releases. People used to copy info from other similar press releases and paste it. This cause very bad effect on your company or site if you get caught. So kindly read, read and again read. By reading more we can make it more attractive and beautiful. Proofreading can reduce errors and spelling mistakes.

I hope you got an idea of the do’s of Writing Online News press Releases. Kindly share your opinions and add our feeds to your favorite list.

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