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Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Program with Bluehost

Here is an easy tutorial on how to become Domain Hosting Affiliate with Bluehost and Start Earning. Blue Host is one among the highest paying hosting affiliate program.Domain hosting Affiliate Programs are comparatively easy when you have enough traffic. This concise tutorial will help you to do affiliate marketing with Blue Host which is one of the biggest web hosting companies in the World.

Who Is An Affiliate

An Affiliate is an individual, a company, or an entity participating in the affiliating program of another entity. An affiliate display the products and services offered by the entity [Merchant] in their website, blog, or through any other means using an affiliate tracking code in exchange for income received as commission for each sale.

Blue Host Affiliate

Blue Host is a popular domain web hosting company that offers one of the best affiliate programs in the market. Blue Host offerswebsite builder, word press hosting, domain hosting services.

How Much An Affiliate Get With Blue Host

Blue Host offers commission of INR 4000 per sale. You heard it right!!. You share a link of blue host anywhere, someone buy a product or a service from Blue Host and you end up getting INR 4000. Isn’t it awesome. You should promote the campaigns and discount sales offered by Bluhost to earn more income.

There is no cap in earning. You can earn infinite amount of money using Bluhost sales. Blue Host paid 5 million dollars to affiliates last year only. You need to continuously reiterate the audience to buy the product using your affiliate code.

How To Be A Blue Host Affiliate

To start with you need to go to Blue Host Websiteand register yourself as an affiliate. Scroll down the home page and select Affiliates. Register by providing basic details and accept user agreement. Once you submit the registration details, you will receive an email.

Welcome aboard the Bluehost Affiliate Program!

Your application has been approved and you can login using the following link: Click this link to set password

Set your password and login to Blue Host affiliate dashboard.

In Dashboard select Blue Host Affiliate Commission under Campaign. Tick mark the Display banner statistics under Additional Data and click Apply. Select any banner or text link from the list and select Get Banner code. Copy the code and paste in your Blog Post or widgets etc. You can get Banners and link from the dashboard specific to the target page in Blue Host Website. For that check the link beside Target.

To get payment from Blue Host Affiliate Program

Go to Affiliate dashboard > Select my profile > Select Payment Details > Select Bank / Wire Transfer > Enter your bank details > Save.
To Enable Email Notifications of ever sale that you have made > Go to my profile > Select on new sale / lead > Save.

Cons of Blue Host Affiliate Program

Blue Host does not offer cache of affiliate link. This means that if a customer used your affiliate tracking code and went to blue host site but did not purchase the product or service at that time but later went to the page and bought it. So even though you created the lead, you will not get earnings.

There has been some criticisms on the customer service of Blue Host which made it difficult for affiliates to sell the products and services of Blue Host.

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