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free online rgb and hexadecimal color converter for coding

Free online RGB And Hexadecimal Color Converter for coding

Akhil S Kumar 15-03-2014

Dear friends, Today i am going to share you an amazing and beautiful gadget

 RGB And HEX Color Converter 

  Colors- An essential part of a website. Without colors website design will be like a desert. So adding colors to blogs layout and inner parts are so important. So to add colors, you need to know how to convert colors to RGB And HEX codes. That is why I am going to share this awesome Free online RGB And HEX Color Converter which can help you in such process. Some browsers does not show some colors. So it is better to add basic colors to your coding rather that mixed colors.

Color code in CSS

A:link {
color: #0000FF;
text-decoration: underline;
background: transparent;

Color code in HTML

<stop offset=”0%” style=”stop-color:rgb(200,200,200); stop-opacity:0″/>


Load your web pages fast

Another useful aspect is that using this Free online RGB And Hexadecimal Color Converter for coding you can speed up your site’s loading. For that you need to optimize your images or replace them with colors. CSS sprites are used to speed up a website. Sprites are combined images. So that by requesting two images, the browser only need to send one request to load a image. Combining similar colors in a sprite can surely help you to keep the color count low. Color count is not important now. Ideally under 256 colors is better to fit in a PNG8.

You can use this converter to convert the RGB code and also the HEX color code. Kindly click CTRL+D to bookmark this tool. This free tool can help you in coding, designing and adding colors to blogger templates. This converter works in flash. So your browser must have flash enabled. In this tool you can see red, green and blue boxes and their values. Just type any value in three boxes. The other two boxes such as hexadecimal box and color picker will automatically updated. The below box will also be updated, so that you can get the color in a magnified way. Enjoy and do not forget to like and subscribe us…

To convert click anywhere on the circle

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