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Removed Authorship Snippet Profile Image and circle count from Google Search Results

I was searching some details regarding the Authorship Snippet Profile Image that was showing in Google Search Results. Authorship of website or blog was claimed using different methods. Suddenly i heard a news that Google removed Authorship Snippet Profile Image from Google Search Results. I was really surprised to hear this.
I searched about this news and it is true. Now we cannot see author images in search results. The Google’s own guy +JohnMueller announced this change shortly.

As a part of this, we’re simplifying the way authorship is shown in mobile and desktop search results, removing the profile photo and circle count.

The guide lines that still exist in Google about author profiles are memories of the past.


I checked the status of impressions of and i got 30% increase in Impressions and 78 percentage in Clicks. The impressions reduced first with a decrease of 20% but later it increased. So the number of impression is not affected with this change. The number of impressions actually increased for many small bloggers or starters due to this change. It was mainly because, most prominent bloggers were tried to make the image attractive and was using so many techniques to add more info about the author like how many circles does the author is in etc using many plugins. The visitors will only click the image showing result even if the quality of the article is lower than other small blogs. Due to this small bloggers could not get a chance even it ranked near these search engine masters. So it really helped some of them.


Google only removed the images of authors from search results and the SERP ranks are not affected. 
After all of this, i am personally sad to see the images gone from the search results. My friends could notice my pic in results and they were really amused to see that also. Now it is just information without emotion. Well, all bloggers should verify their authorship in snippet tools and you could do that by going the link – “Boost Search Engine Rankings By Authorship Snippet Profile Image” to make sure their author byline is present in the Google results.


Image snippet tool verification
Old Search result

The above image shows that image of the author is present in search result and the by line, “by Akhil S kumar is present adjacent to the picture.”

Authorship Snippet Profile Image New
New search result

The new search results shows the place of living, the profession of the author and the by line is under these items.

Image from  Google Search Results
In reality

The above image shows the real result from Google search. In here the place of living or region and profession of the blogger is absent. The published date is present adjacent to the by line of the author.

Google author status matters?

Matt Cutts and Othar Hansson explaining the importance of Authorship markup in search results for Google in 2011

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