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15 Ways To Compete for the Same Keyword In Low Paying Niche

There are some important findings by several webmasters about Google Ad sense and how to increase the revenue. ShoutMeLoud has shared fifty methods to boost the revenue of ad sense. However there was no explanation on how to do this. This will explain shortly sure ways to boost ad sense revenue.

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12 Sure Ways To Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue

1. Follow  Ad sense Rules and Regulations

Ad sense has strict rules for publishers but some do not take these into account. Majorly it is because the blogger is in the pursuit of earning more money, more page views than providing unique content that follows ad sense rules.

2. High paying Niche Always Pays well: Is that very evident?

 If you are choosing to low paying niche, even if you get high amount of traffic, the CTR will be very low. Also the ads that show in the website will not have high CPC rate. So it is wise to High Paying niche to start blogging. You can choose high paying niche and write articles specifically on that. Some of the high paying niche sites are tech sites, accounting sites, law related sits, travel and tourism sites etc.

3. Get Your Keywords Right: Getting Keywords are not easy. 

There millions of websites and webmasters who are competing for the same keyword. Hence it will be harder for a new blogger to list their website in the top list of Google Search. Patience is the key here. You can use Google Ad words Keywod finder to find out how much is advertiser is claiming for one keyword, That way you can monetize your blog.

4. Check the Keyword density

 I assume that you have selected some keywords now. Now let us look at keyword density. Keyword density means that how many times keywords are appearing in your posts. It has to be high as Google bots always look for good keywords in blog post and ranks accordingly. However keyword stuffing is highly discouraged. This may lead to blacklisting the blog and lead you nowhere.

5. Placing Google Ad sense ads

Positioning the Google ads is very important. There are some important advises for publishers by Google as where to place ads and what should be the size of them. Usually publishers place a responsive ad in top and one after the post title. Another ad in sidebar. Only three ads are allowed per website.

6. Use images and Text ads together

It is advisable to use images and text in ads as it will increase the tendency of user to click on the ads.

7. Use non-standard types of ads and multiple ad units

Non standard types can be used for better page views. You can do experiments in Google ad sense with different types of ads to see which ads are serving better ads and number of users who click on ads. Usually non standard types of ads performs well. That is why I suggest use responsive ads.

8. Use the right Ad sense format

After doing an experiment with ad sense ads, users can edit the format of ads like color of the link, title, description of the ads that will match with the web site Palette. Using multiple Palettes of ad sense can be tried out. Blogger sometimes complain, that they do not have control over responsive ads. However there is another way to control  the size of these ads. You can add a script to blogger template mentioning the sizes of ads which you want to show. Responsive ads will show ads in that formats only.

9. Use Adsense for search

 Generally blogger focus on Adsense content for revenue. But ad sense search is also a better way to monetize the website. You can use customized Google search engine [CSE] for adding search button to blogger.

10. Put horizontal link units

Generally blogger focus on bigger ads that shows images, or videos, or multi formats. However horizontal link units has high CTR rate and will show more keywords related to the post. Putting horizontal link units above nav bar, below post titles, or post body, or above post title can be considered.

11. Borders on the ads

Some blogger do use borders around the ads however it is not recommended to use border or frame. Use appropriately.

12. Modify low paying text units into image only ads

Users may click on image ads than text ads. Hence this suggestion can be checked out.

13. Make use of videos to boost ad sense revenue

YouTube is a sure way to increase ad sense profit. Vlogging are common method used by bloggers all the time.

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14. Stop writing posts about ad sense that are already discussed  million times before

New bloggers write bout ad sense like anything and does not have any new information for the user. Hence it is advisable not to write too much about ad sense.

15. Block own views of the website

It is recommended to block the number of own views of the website or blogger.

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