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7 Best Free Web Hosting Sites (Features & Limitations)

Hosting a domain cost you money. It can be Blue host or even One way to deal with is to find out good hosting providers that host your domain for free. To find out such hosting providers is a huge task for new bloggers and my early experience taught me so much about selecting a hosting provider to host the domain for free.

So i am trying to mention 7 Best Free Web Hosting Sites (Pros & Cons) provided by the free hosting companies and analyze it based on the user experience, quality of service, hidden policies, conditions and user rating.

In order to start hosting in the free space offered by the hosting company, you need to know basics about what is hosting?, how can one upload files? and what can be done to avoid mistakes. If you haven’t read it and you are new in blogging and hosting, i urge you to read that first.

I have linked some of my posts here through hyper link. These posts are for you and you can access to read posts that quench your thirst for knowledge. and As i mentioned in my previous post, free hosting is really awesome for new bloggers.

Hosting your domain cost you more than 3 dollars per month. For a new blogger, the better option is But if somebody need to learn and try hosting professionals, they need hosting providers like, etc. But the point is that hosting cost you money. So what is the option???. The only option is go and host your domain free.

7 Best Free Web Hosting Sites (Pros & Cons)

Are you amused. Well, don’t be. Because there are sites that gives you free space to host your domain. These plans are called free domain hosting plans. We all love free hosting plans. We all search for hosting plans that are free in all kind and support our domain with real time updation.

It is really difficult to select a free hosting plan from the entire list given by Google in the search page. It is also often difficult to try each one and select suitable one. So here i am sharing some of the most interesting and top trending free hosting plans in internet.

Most of them are not like what you think.  I am just explaining what is the details of these websites and give you what is hidden and what is shown in the plans provided by free hosting companies and websites.

Often free hosting plans are not like servants. They may try to add advertisements to your website or may stop giving you access to websites. If the user click in the add, the provider will get money and you are like sitting duck. Anything can happen.

1. Get 5 GB Free hosting space for Website / blog in Plan of

I am going to review a new hosting provider and its free hosting plan. This website hosting provider is known as Hope you heard of this hosting provider? As the name suggest gives away 5 GB space in hosting. Amused?..Well, you should be.

REVIEW FREE WEBSITE HOSTING PLANS 5GB FREE.COM is a relatively not so popular website that offers free website hosting plans to visitors. I will list out some reasons for saying this sentence and as knowledgeable readers, you can analyse various reasons for saying like this. The main feature of this hosting plan of is that no payment is required to sign up with them.

Usually companies that give you free hosting offers payment at starting when you sign up with them. They usually say this is to reduce spamming but for users this is an additional burden.  But the policy of allow user to register free of cost and and get 5 GB hosting space in the internet. Getting such amount of space without spending any dime is amazing.

This 5 GB space can be used to upload multimedia files like MP4, AVI, JPEG etc. Using this much of space, user can create larger quality websites with big chunks of data at ease.


  1.  1 FTP account – FTP account is used to upload files to hosting space. Usually FTP software like filezilla is used to upload files to hosting space. The main use of this FTP account is that you can use this software and install it in your personal computer and upload it in real time. You do not have to go the website of and select  each file and waiting for uploading. gives this opportunity free of cost to every usr.
  2. 20 GB of bandwidth- Bandwidth are really needed in this information explosion era. I think 20 gb of bandwidth is ok not brilliant for a new user.
  3.  3 MySQL database- MySQl database is need when you need to host word press sites and offers three MySQL data bases for each user.
  4. The cloud linux operating system 
  5. A subdomain for free – Sub domains are not needed for users but for learning hosting one can use these sub-domains.


 No email- An admin mail Id is important to create a new identity and protect the status of the website. Admin email id Using this plan we will not get [email protected] mail id. Limiting this is a issue for users who would like to create brand names for their websites and promote credibility. But users can get gmail Id’s to solve an replace this issue

No custom error pages- Custom error pages are needed for a professional website and it is really adequate to avoid 404 error and broken links. The issue here is that the visitor will not be redirected to another page. Custom error pages help the visitor to redirect to another page, if the clicked page is often removed or not accessed by search engine bots.

 No cron jobs Embedded ads- The worst part of They says that it is free plan but the ads provided by is mandatory. Then how can we say that this is a free web hosting plan? The adds will be embedded in your web page without your permission so you cannot remove them also. That means is earning with your website and not you. You cannot apply for other add program for monetizing your website due to this policy.

Only 1 domain- You can only host one domain per hosting account. This is actually ok for new bloggers.

 No link to online customer care support- Customer service is necessary to solve ssues and problems of users and only a picture is available in the website. May be there is no such service as customer care support. The user cannot have access to real time help and he/she cannot solve problems like deleted account, deleted data or error in accessing website. But it has a form based support.

The free plan only have a forum based support – The problem with form based support is that it cannot solve issues real time. Sometimes users will have to wait for one or more weeks to get the solutions for problems. The was sold to some unknown company and the databases were dead.

This info was posted in forum. I am not sure about this information.You can sign up them using this link :  About to The terms of service are much better than other websites that offer free hasting packages. They only state some common policies. The pro plan is available for 2.95$.

 We think that should remove ads serving policy in order to keep their word. Unless they remove this, we cannot call it as a free hosting plan. Email option need to be included as it is necessary for users.. The rating is 3.5 out of 10.

Hope you will subscribe us for such comprehensive reports.

2. Analyzing the Absolutely Free Website Plan of Free offers a 100% free website hosting where you can create a website for no cost at all. Free website plan is a good offer for new bloggers. When I visited the homepage of, i could see a lot of offers which are explaining about many features and tools.


No Banner Ads, No hidden ads, no links to there will be no forced ads placing on your website.

No limit to the file size when uploading. This is also a good and major feature for The user can add any multi media files through this account.

Allow free flash and shock wave. This is indeed a help a lot to get clicks from ads. So this is a good idea by their founders.

  1. You can sell products or involve in money making business like M2M and ad sense using this plan.
  2. The Bandwidth is 1gbps.
  3. The website can have frames in the lay out.
  4. Free 330 professional templates.
  5. 10 GB free drive to back up your data.
  6. 1 click installer for word press, Joomla, Mambo, Drupal and phpBB.


The features of this free website hosting plan are not published well.

The free domain hosting is available when the user register a new domain with them unless they have to pay for domain hosting and that 12.95 dollars.

The website says that users get free website storage space, free bandwidth free email etc but no word about the amount of bandwidth and storage space in the home page.

In their Terms of Service page they says that excessive use of bandwidth and storage space may result in the termination of the website.

SHIP ME THIS RATING offer a wide range of tools to new bloggers. So that can surely help them to learn more about website hosting and website configuration. So considering that point we give 8.5 out 10.

3. Review Free Cloud Web Hosting Service by

You can start your quest for blogging by reading my new post about “Rethink before going to buy and register new domain”,  Cloud hosting is relatively a new type of hosting for your domain. In cloud hosting your website is connected with individual servers around the globe.

This network of different servers forms a massive server. offers free cloud hosting for websites and bloggers which is one of the best website hosting services in 19 places covering 16 major cities. This free hosting plan is hosted on cloud engineered VMware ESX servers. This hosting plan is with Anycast DNS Technology.

Hostzilla Review Features

Comes with a cPanel.

Ad free hosting.

Unlimited Data Transfer, SQL databases, Add-on domains, Parked domains, Sub domains and FTP accounts.

 Email accounts with unlimited POP3, IMAP4, SMTP support. Guaranteed up time is 100 percentage and server uptime is 99.5 percentage.

Free website templates, advanced site builder and search engine free submission.

They listed abundant features for this free plan on the homepage of the website. You can check them out by visiting their site.

 Multi-lingual supports over 24 languages.


100MB cloud web space only. In their terms of service page they state that hostzilla will not do any website maintenance service of any hosted website.

The technical support of hostzilla is not available for website programming including HTML coding, configuring scripts and troubleshooting the website or database. To do these jobs hostzilla will ask you for money.

CHAT ROOM: I have chatted with one of the customer care representative in hostzilla. I asked him that “i would like to know about hosting my own domain in the free hosting plan?”. After some minutes of silence he said to me like this, “You can just signup for free plan and start using our service”.

Try and see the performance of your website after hosting your domain on hostzilla. Later if the service is good, upgrade the plan to premium. Well, think about it.

Hostzilla Review Rating

The features of this free web-hosting plan are good. But they are of no use if the disk pace is less than 100 MB. But it is suitable for small websites and blogs. So we give a rating of 8.5 out of 10 for this Free Cloud Webhosting service by

4. Evaluating The Free Website Hosting plan of

I have explained some of the different hosting types in my previous post and you can read them by visiting the link. is a free website hosting provider with a good free package. This website also act as a directory of popular web hosting providers with a number of 3635 and 9450 reviews about web hosting. guarantees 99% uptime for websites.


 The free hosting plan of includes a number of features which are really useful for users. This was my first choice when I entered to hosting my site and hosted my domain. It was to host word press and i couldn’t use the installer of word press.

The main feature is that provides Auto installer for 10 scripts.

No banner ads or hidden ads. So that users can use this hosting plan absolute free of cost and earn money through adds.

  1. 1500 MB of disk space may not attract you but 100 GB data transfer per month will.
  2. The users will also get 5 Add on domains and 5 sub domains.
  3. Custom error pages for website for free. The 404 errors are avoided using this custom error pages.
  4. The directories are also password protected.
  5. 5 email addresses including IMAP support with web mail support. But SMTP support is disabled.
  6. 2 MySQL databases with 1 FTP account.
  7. Simple site builder with PHP support.
  8. Backups and cron jobs are available. No limit to file size for uploading.

Decent control panel is a good thing but sometimes you will get an error like “we are updating the system”. That means you are not going to use this tool.


The free hosting plan does not include free domain name such as or .org. You will not get any assistance in installing scripts according to their policy.

No live chat and no support through phone- How they are expecting to get newbie customers without support from representatives?.


The users usually choose free hosting plans to host their own domain. So 000webhost should upgrade the free plan giving the opportunity to add their domain to hosting account and give some type of support to users like support tickets. Before anyone attempt to host their domains at free hosting plans kindly take a look at Google’s discussion forum which can be accessed here- Thread

 Avoiding that facts SHP ME THIS gives a 6.5 rating out of 10 for

5. Review of Free Domain Hosting Chocolate Plan of

I have added so many important information regarding what is hosting and what are the things a blogger should take care before going for a free hosting provider. This post explains about the free domain hosting plan of is a very popular hosting website that gives valuable service to customers. The chocolate free domain hosting plan of freehostia consist of some good features.

Review of Free Domain Hosting Chocolate Plan of including 6gb bandwidth, poor customer care support, i database of MySQL with 10 mb storage space etc.


Up to 5 domain can be added to this plan.

The users get 6 G B bandwidth in this plan which is good.

Have FTP access with some limitations such as just 30 seconds for webcam. But something is better than nothing, right?

No ads on the website. This is actually good for converting website into a earning extra money habit.

Includes 3 mail accounts with POP3 and IMAP protocols but SMTP service is denied.


The customer only gets 250MB disk space which is very low. The main issue I found is this. The user cannot add more than 250 MB space that means the user should avoid quality images and videos from website.

The MySQL services have 1 database with 10MB storage space.

The customer can only upload files that are lesser than 500kb in space. Because of these restrictions, quality multimedia files with size more than 500 KB cannot be uploaded.

The customer can use only one free domain hosting plan at a time. If used more than one all your accounts may get banned.

The customer care service need to be updated to get online help from representatives.

Now the user should create a support ticket.

The accounts will be removed after 30 days of inactivity.


The main problem of free domain hosting plan of freehostia is that all outgoing connections from your website to other remote servers, such as RSS feeds, Site counters, Web Statistics services, Website analytics etc., is disabled for free domain hosting.

Even though freehostia uses cookies like Google analytics on the website, the user is not allowed to make us of outgoing connections. The user will have to be satisfied with it. This information can be found at the Terms Of service Page of free hostia.


We think that some outgoing connections should be permitted as well as the uploading space need to be increased. So we give a 6.5 rating out of 10 for freehostia’s free domain hosting service.

6. Review of Free Cheap Web Hosting and Domain with for One Year is a popular web hosting company that offers free web hosting for domains with unlimited data transfer and an unlimited number of email addresses. If you are looking for hosting your website for free, then you can choose Well, lets look into offers of was founded  in 2002 in Denmark by by Jacob Jensen and it offers wide range of totally free things like that whole free one year package includes, Website, E-mail, Bix and a Domain.

15 GB Hosting space – offers 15 GB Hosting space in the account. 15 GB Hosting space is kind of luxury for starters.

Own Domain – you can host your own domain in or you can buy it from some other domain providers and link it with

FREE Website tools, Unlimited transfer and Unlimited email accounts.

Review of Free Cheap Web Hosting
Add caption

Bix– Bix gives you real time synchronization which synchronize all your files in a jiffy. It offers automatic online backup. So that you don’t have keep on backing up data in your computer disks. Gives you fast file sharing, music streaming and unlimited mobile access.

 Awards grasped by are Editor’s Choice – PC Magazine Netherlands & Belgium, Editor’s choice in Netzsieger’s comparison of web hosts and many more.

In the review done by, got a rating of Good 7.0. However in do not support fully. After one year, the website hosting package cost 1.89 USD /month.

Users’ notified Issues and Problems

The warning messages of Automatic renewal of subscriptions from may end up in spam box of your mail provider.

The Automatic renewal of domains and the subscription is not said in the policies of To cancel the renewal, you have to send a mail to and the replies from may end up in spam box.

If Automatic renewal is not cancelled, you may lose your money.

There are no information regarding the type of web hosting provided by It may be shared hosting. is good if you are trying to learn the basics of hosting and it will help you to learn many things without any charges. But to host in a professional, may be not good.

Some users says that charged a reminder fee for the notification mails.

Some news says that went under attack and about 80,000 contacts were compromised.


I have tried to talk about these issues to them using live chat. I will share that with you. I was number 3 in the queue for our customer support and the estimated waiting time was 0 minutes and 21 seconds. I got the reply in 21 seconds itself. Q means the questions i asked to them.

Question: Hello?
Answer: Hi, How can i help you?
Question: I would like to know about the type of free hosting you provide?
Question:: Hello? are you there?

Then i got this, “You are not currently in a chat session.

7. Must Read Review of Free Web Hosting package Plan provides free hosting plans which are powered by Attractsoft GmbH to users without any adds on the website. That means they will not any kind of adds like pop ups, banner or link adds to your website.

The post discusses about the web hosting plan of and its good things and bad things. We are just reviewing the free hosting plan of and this may vary as terms of service and resources change. The listed info is adapted from the website of and other sources.

image of eatures of Free Web Hosting Plan of
Image of Free Web Hosting Plan of


No big banner ads- There are no 700 or 900 width banners that cut the view of visitors. Some times these adds create major problems in loading webpages.

No ads that pop up before visitors – These adds are trying to redirect user by popping up from no where from your website and block the content.

No text link ads – No text that redirects user to other websites. Some texts over lap with your post content and distort user views.

It gives you 250 MB of web space with 5000 MB of data transfer – A good thing

Free domain at with site builder -Getting a site builder is not a simple choice.

You can host 1 domain name for free for one year – I believe it is the unique feature in this free hosting plan – Considering other websites in internet, i think this feature makes unique. For one year you can host any domain and will support it for free. New bloggers can use this amazing plan for learning hosting and follow it as a profession.


In the FAQ page of, they clearly says that their free web hosting plan have restrictions for users. The main limitation is that the number of outgoing emails one can sent in a month are limited to 30. LOL.

I do not why they are limiting this feature. May be they want to limit something for the sake of it. Usually you can receive emails using foxyform email forms and send them using gmail. So no need for this email feature.

The uploading is fast but the maximum size of a file which can be uploaded is limited to 2MB. The faq section indicates that the servers they use for free hosting plans are 70% slower than advanced web hosting plans. This is actually may cause a issue. You cannot upload images or video files that are more than 2mb in size. However limiting this size can increase your speed of the website.

In the terms of service page they indicate that free plan have a fixed traffic allotment where the amount of traffic your site receive from search engines is limited. Excessive use of resources(they decide the use) can get your account terminated without refund.

The sites hosted under this free plan must restrict the use of space

  • to image files like .gif, .jpg and .png,
  • to archive files such as .zip, .cue,
  • to .pdf files
  • to video files like .3gp and .mp4.

The user cannot upload torrent files, mpeg files and mp3 files. So beware for this as thi smay lead to banning your website. Usually torrents are banned due to criminal activities related issues. Each free user should only be registered to one free hosting plan or they may cancel both of them. 

The maximum inactivity period is 12 months. If you did not use your website or had no activity for 12 months consequently, your website will be terminated. Before terminating they will send notifications. But i am not sure whether we will notice it. And if unnoticed, this will lead to termination of your precious website.
About to

They publicly admit that their free hosting service is limited. Not every company out there will do that. So they need to be appreciate that.


We are this website considering so many factors including real time monitoring and updation. It also includes opinions of users and social media polls. provides good features in the free hosting plans and this is good for any other user who want to try hosting. 

But allowing files size more than 2 mb can make this plan favorite. Users need better services and better resources. So we give a rating of 8.5 out of 10.
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