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6 Essential Android Apps For Students in Play Store

Are you searching for useful apps for college students, useful apps for highschool students and best apps for university students. Here is the best information on useful android apps for engineers, educational apps for students android and study apps android. You will like all 6 best college apps and top android apps for computer science students.

Do you have the same android apps since you have bought the mobile. It is time to try a few different ones. This list contains the Best Free Apps for Android Phones in Google Play Store. Google Play Store have some amazing, different, unique, Essential Android Apps For Students in Play Store and thousands of more apps are uploaded every day. Here are some essential free android apps in Google Play Store for your mobile.

Best Free Apps for Android Phones in Google Play Store

1. EC File Explorer Pro – File, Image, Video Manager

EC File manager is an incredible light sized app for managing images, videos and documents in your phone. The interface is totally cool and easily manageable. 
useful apps for college students
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2. AI File Manager : Free App in Google Play Store

Everyone need an amazing file manager with excellent features. Well, then AI File Manager is one and only app that has all the features. AI File Manager is completely free for use and available in Google Play Store and Android TV.

useful apps for highschool students

AI file manager is only for those who love latest modern design. It’s sleek design, fluidity is something that you cannot find in any other similar apps. The file manager app can view, play, show, share, edit your files, images, videos, audio, movies, music and documents.

The AI file manager has some EXTRA amazing features which you can make you go WOW. It shows current system processes, apps in the phone, root access and let you manage FTP connections.

best apps for university students

The file manager is linked with the video and image players of your mobile. This makes it easier to use and it automatically add all your files inside the app. No need for selecting each file and moving.

The Ultra modern design shows how much space you have in your phone and memory card and how many processes are running currently. It has an in built RAM cleaner which enables you to clean existing processes to make phone more faster. The app is very popular all around the World.

useful android apps for engineers


Sleek Modern Design.
Manage, Share, Edit Files, Images, Movies, Music, Downloads, Documents.
Shows Apps, System Processes, FTP connection, Root Status.
Option to Uninstall Apps, Clean RAM, Manage Processes.
Shows Current Space in Internal Storage and External Storage of mobile.
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3. AppLock Video Photo Encrypt Vault

No one wants to give access to their personal files and folders to someone else. There is a way to encrypt these photo and videos in your phone and lock your apps.

AppLock Video Photo Encrypt Vault

Many existing apps hides the images and videos from the main gallery to another folder in SD card. This way someone can easily go to that folder and can access the files. Some other apps hides the image or video from the users from gallery but it will show if the phone is rooted. This is where the encryption comes in to play.

educational apps for students android

The applocker encrypt your photos, images, videos and do not provide access to anyone other than you. The app locker app locks all the apps with pattern lock making sure that you are the sole user. The app shows devise info of your mobile to let you know current CPU usage, memory usage limit etc.

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Do you have a phone that works slowly and get lagged all the time. Most of the phones has old apps that has enough bugs and these apps uses phone CPU, RAM and Battery so much. How to solve this problem? Here is the solution – Download CleanUp Pro. Pro Cleaner app is an Essential Android App For Students in Play Store

4. Fast Cleaner & Battery Saver – Booster App Cleaner

CleanUp Pro-RAM Cleaner, Battery Saver, CPU Cooler in Google Play Store

CleanUp Pro is a professional app that do more than just cleaning. It has Junk Cleaner, Memory Booster, App Manager and Battery Saver. It is on of the 6 Essential Android Apps For Students in Play Store.


Junk Cleaner – Cleans all the junk files
Memory Booster – Boost your phone memory
App Manager – You can manage you apps, uninstall or find app information
Battery Saver – It links with your phone batter saver and improves batter life.

top android apps for computer science students

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Watch Video of Fast Cleaner & Battery Saver – Booster App Cleaner

5. Calculator Vault- App Locker

As I was saying before there are many free apps for android phones that allows you to lock the apps. But this one is far better than any of those android apps in Play Store. Because this is not just an app locker but of a scientific calculator. Yes, You heard it right.

Calculator Vault- App Locker for Android Phones

This is a calculator and when you enter the MAGIC numbers, it changes in to an app locker. You can set you pin number for opening calculator vault. Only you will know that this is an app locker. You can lock all your apps and no one will know how to open them without access pin.

Existing app lockers can be uninstalled and users can access your apps. This calculator vault uses the camouflage of a calculator. Now you many wonder how it looks. Here is a peek.

Calculator Vault- App Locker educational apps for students android


The app is available in 5 languages – Hindi, English, French, Dutch and Arabic.
Swipe to the left you get an amazing Scientific Calculator.
You can hide the app icon and access it via call function by dialing #123.

Download from Play Store

6. Timer App – Essential Android Apps For Students in Play Store

Do you want a professional timer app that will help you manage your time, makes you aware that you spend enough time on task and now it is time for you to chill or take a break. Then you should download this amazing timer app. It helps to manage your time efficiently and effectively.

This amazing timer app is useful for students in highschools, colleges and universities for effective time management.
useful app for college students and highschool students
The modern intuitive design is something that you will fall in love with. It is minimalist yet have all the functions for managing time.

Full Screen, Landscape and Keep the Screen on mode
Able to set long, short break time and even custom times
Ten different alarms to select.
Clear, modern design with a wonderful icon.
Download from Play Store

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