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Get Top Back links with Request Email Templates

Are you looking for backlink request email templates to ask for backlinks to bloggers for SEO. Here are some good backlink request email templates, sample email to bloggers and backlink request email templates. This post has the best information on how to ask for a product review request letter and how to ask a blogger to review your product. You can use the below samples to ask for backlinks request email templates.

1. Ask for Backlinks Without Begging: Backlinks Request Email Template 1

I just finished reading some post from your website and really enjoyed it – thanks for putting it together.
I wanted to step out on a limb and float something by you. I’m pursuing innovative ways to promote our website on chrome error and I think your website/post is a potential fit.
Do accept advertisements on your site?
I’m looking to do something native, in the form of a sponsored post (or a link from an existing post), to help promote our brand without disrupting your audience’s experience.
If interested, let me know.
Thanks & Regards

2. Ask Bloggers for Backlinks Using a Simple Email: Request Email Template 2

 My name is …. and I am in charge of managing all of the content for my team. I just stumbled across your info online and thought that the project we are launching right now may be relevant for you and maybe your audience as well! 
 The project we are currently launching is…….. It’s called, “……” Just as the title suggests, it contains facts about the rise of blogging. The facts range in topic from demographics to the history of how blogging got its start. Does this sound like something you may find useful? 
 Would you mind if I sent it over for you to review?
 Best wishes,
want to ask for a backlink

3. Link Request For Backlinks Template 3

Hope this finds you in good spirits!
I’m ……., SEO Associate at shipmethis ( We are one of the largest players in the Technology and SEO business over the past 5 years.
Your website features among our list of the top portals that add a lot of value to our industry, and we have been tracking it keenly for a few months now. With this in mind, we are quite keen to establish content partnership with you. I would be glad to assist you with any formalities and abide by your guidelines.
Or you can mention our wordpress hosting in the blog below and provide a link to our website,
Please let me know how we can take this further. Thank you for your time and I look forward to a fruitful relationship.
Thanks & Regards

4. Link Request For Backlinks Template 4

I noticed that you recently posted an article “Being Unemployed For 6 Months: Get Recruited“, and saw that it mentioned Glassdoor as a resource job seekers can use to post their resume.
We love being mentioned on a great site like yours, and were wondering if you would mind adding a link where the piece refers to Glassdoor? Your readers would then be able to find information more easily as they go through the article.
Thanks for any help around this, and if there’s a better contact for me to reach out to for future requests, I’d appreciate the guidance! 

5. How to Ask for Advertising an article for a Backlink Template 5

My name is ….   and I work for – an online advertising company.
I am looking for websites to publish advertorials for our clients – I would like to ask you if it is possible to advertise on your site.
After going over your website I think we could be a perfect fit, and would like to see if it is possible to advertise an article on your website.
Please let me know your thoughts on advertising on your site.

6. How to Ask for Promotional Partnership Template 6

My name is …. and I work for Shipmethis Blog. We are currently doing some promotion for our website, and I am reaching out because we are looking for promotional partners.
We are looking to partner either by posting guest articles or doing some co-promotion (articles).
If you are interested in publishing some article related to WordPress themes/plugins and other topics related to WordPress niche, please contact me to tell us what’s the best way to work with you?
Thanks for taking your time and reading my letter.
Best regards,

7. how to ask for a product review request letter Template 7

I am ..from team, Spend Less Time Searching, More time Shipping with Best Reviews of Latest, Original and Authentic Products and Services.. 
I saw reviews of online marketing tools on your blog and I was wondering if you were interested in checking new Lead Generation Tool for WordPress.
We’re looking for bloggers to review our tool, and I think your blog would be perfect! 
Apart from the feature rich plugin that we offer, there is an affiliate program you can sign up for. You can earn 50% commission on every sale that comes from your website. You can register as an affiliate here. 
New tool has all the features to take over all its competitors, so spreading the word & making the sales is easy. We released this tool just a few days ago & we are seeing a huge response for unlimited sites & lifetime pricing option. This tool is a high quality product with highest earning opportunity so lets team up for mutual benefits. 
Furthermore, feel free to let me know in case you need any further information or details from us.
Thanks & regards,
You can edit these formats of backlink request email templates to ask for backlinks to bloggers for SEO and sample email to bloggers and backlink request email templates for promotions, product reviews and link requests and add your company details and send.
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