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Boost Search Engine Rankings by Authorship Snippet Profile Image

Are you the real “verified” author of your website/blog in Google?

Well, of course, you are. But the real verification of author and the publisher in Google is in the webmaster tool powered by Google. May be you are not familiar with it. I will give a brief introduction about it.

Do verification is needed in Google?

The search robots of Google find results based on the authenticity and content of the site. For the content we use good posts, keywords, met tags etc. For authenticity we add some backlinksto the site especially .gov, .edu sites. To keep us the authenticity and confidentiality of the blog/site, you need to verify the authorship in Webmaster tools by Google. This ensures a certain quality and confidentiality to your website or blog. So that the search robots will identify that you are the real author of the site.

How do you know that your website is verified in Google?

You can webmaster snippet tool to check it.  

Go to  and select rich snippet testing tool or go to s and type your URL of your website and click preview. If you get a verified quote then you don’t have to read this entire article because you are the verified author of your site/blog.

webmaster snippet tool verification


If not then, my dear friend, you need to verify your website/ blog in webmaster snippet by Google. Actually I was also searching for this but I couldn’t get the right information about how to verify my website/ blog in webmaster snippet by Google. So tried every aspect in it and finally verified in Google. So I am sharing this to help my fellow friends who struggle to get verified in Google.

How to add a link in your blog

Update your Google+ Profile, checking certain boxes. Go to Google+ profile page. You can go to your own profile page.

 Click Edit profile, only by that way you could add your website. Go to the last section viz “contributor” and select it and manually add the website by typing the URL of your site and name. You can also manually add the website URL of your site and name in the preferred website section.

Authorship Snippet

Add profile image – The profile image should be clear and limited in size. The image should be attractive. It is better to add a face with a beautiful smile.

Search Engine Rankings

Update your Blogger Profile and add image – This is also important because we need to build a good reputation in the public. So to get maximum attention from them update your blogger profile by filling all columns and add a nice picture. It is better to use Google plus profile than blogger profile in blogspot.

    Add a link in the Blog HTML, linking to your Google+ Profile page 

 You can manually add a link of Google+ page to your html of the blog.  Go to Google+ profile page of yours or your page. In the URL of your browser you will get a link like this,

1} Copy it and modify it to this…

<link href=”” rel=” author ” />

 If you want a badge to render then replace the id with yours id. You can modify the height and weight of the badge.

<g:plus href=”” rel=”author” width=”229″ height=”131″ margin=”0px” theme=”light”></g:plus>

Authorship Snippet Profile 

2} Replace the id with yours to get a publisher tag.

<link href=”” rel=”publisher” />

The link  have an author rel=”me” tag. This states that you are the author of the site.

3} Add <a href=””>Akhil S Kumar</a> tag to your Website in Lay out page.

Search Engine Rankings by Authorship

4}Go to and verify your mail id by typing your mail id in the box.

Boost Search Engine Rankings


Add one link back from Google+ Profile to your Blogger Profile and actual Blog

 Go to edit html in the template section add it above the </head> tag by ctrl+F. Or you can add it to html box of the gadget by clicking add gadget in the layout section. 


So that you can understand the changes occurring in it. Hop you got an idea of snippet preview. If you have any doubts just tweet me… Subscribe and share us to your friends, if you enjoyed the post…

Update: The new news regarding the authorship from Google is really worse. Google remove the authorship picture and you can read more about this in my new post – Removed Authorship Snippet Profile Image and circle count from Google Search Results.

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