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Get Google Developers Licences For Android App Publishing

Do you want to make money from mobile apps and know more about how non app developers make money from android apps. Ever wondered how to get into app business and make earnings. Here is the latest post – How To Sign up for a Google Play Developer account- on the series of All About Making Money With Mobile App Without Coding.

Do you know the google developer license cost and you need google play license check permission to add android apps in play store. Here is an android licensing tutorial includes android developer license cost, google play license check, android app license upgrade and how to get google license.

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Making Money With Mobile App is Quite Complicated For a Beginner

The app segment is made too complicated for beginners and people like you and me with no coding skills. Google has created a launch checklist for publishing android apps in plays store. For a beginner it is too hard to comprehend.

I can talk about how other makes thousands of dollars from an app and how a company has made millions of dollars from app business. Such information will not create any money for you. This is very very hard to be do and need so much patience, expertise and effort. A beginner can make little bit of money in the stating period like 1 or 2 dollars monthly. Later when user base widens, he can get earnings up to 12-15 dollars a day. You can consider this post as an informative post on app business or take it as the first footstep to make money from with mobile app.

First Step to Make Money With Android App For Beginners

Let me quote, “Thousand Miles Journey Starts with the First Step”. To start with app business, you need to have a developer license to publish mobile apps in play store. This is the first step. Do get this license faster. I know 25$ may look expensive to you. Trust me, it is an investment if you seriously want to get into app business. Think it is as a fee for a course on app business or learning a new skill.

It is mandatory to buy this licence to start with app business. You can keep on reading thousands of article on mobile app business and how to make money on apps. These will not generate money for you. You need to start, get your hands dirty, spend time on doing things, experiment and get frustrated and learn from mistakes.

Google Developers Licence For Publishing Mobile Apps in Play Store

Google provides license to developers to publish their apps in Play Store. If you want to start with app business, start by buying a life time license for 25$. This is a one time registration fee and you will get life time license. Read more about Registering for a Google Play Developer account.

You need to complete four steps to get a developer license. These steps are very easy to complete with.

Step 1: Sign up for a Google Play Developer account
Step 2: Accept the Developer Distribution Agreement
Step 3: Pay 25$ one time registration fee
Step 4: Complete your account details

Step by step guide to Sign up for a Google Play Developer account and making money with android app
You can only use the following cared for the payment;

  1. MasterCard
  2. Visa
  3. American Express
  4. Discover (U.S. only)
  5. Visa Electron (Outside of the U.S. only)
  6. Any Credit Card
If you do not have a credit card, get from someone else. A friend, a relative and a family member can help you do it. You can pay them via cash or transfer money. I can keep talking about all these things. You have to take the action.
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