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Get Approval of Google Ad-sense affiliation by hub pages and docstoc

You clicked this link very soon you would like to earn money and also you think you are capable of handling the policies of companies and add creative ideas.

Text get ad sense approval easily
Get Approval of google ad-sense affiliation by third party sites

Are you spending too much time to get add sense account just reminiscent of I was. You were searching each file and every small pieces of info that can contribute to the knowledge to get an account. Ad sense is a product of Google and is a genuine and very distinguished company. There are so many fake articles going around which says that Google ad sense will give that and Google ad sense will give this etc.

The three ways
you could earn money through ad sense are,
Pay per click – you earn every time a visitor clicks on your ads
Pay per impression – an advertiser can specifically target your site and show ads where cost is per 1,000 impression
Referral – referring a visitor to use Ad-sense or Ad words, download the Google toolbar, etc.

Everybody knows that we are living in the blend of corporatism and consumerism. So it is your selection that whom you want to be. Let’s find out the secret to get an add sense account.
It is always better to start a genuine website or blog, get some keywords and write genuine articles about it.  First of all, can I ask you something? Hmmm

1.       Do you have the ability to write poems, stories and even anything not below 500 words?

2.      Do you have a high-quality command in English language?

3.      Do you have a social networking craze?

If all these are yes…Then it is more than what need to get an account.


Got to hub-pages and register there. You will get a verification mail subsequent to the sign up. Click the link to authenticate and there you go.  Have confidence in what you perform and keep on upholding the site as much as possible. Add 30 or more original content. Wait to generate some visitors then sign up to ad sense.

Think it will help. If anybody need more info just mention it below? I will surely help you.

 If you didn’t get approval using hub pages then go to Register there and Upload some pdf files of yours and not copied from other websites. Go to settings of change mail ID to any of your yahoo id. Upload 30 or more quality materials about a particular topic. Then submit to ad sense using docstoc. Wait till you get the approval email from ad sense team.

Will visitor click my adds?

 Such questions are irrelevant if your site is giving good impressions. The clicks are usually depend upon 

the topic you choose for the site – Suppose If your topic is plants then go in detail about plants, how to nurture them ,how to get potentially good seeds, what pesticides one must choose and avoid, what are the different stages and of course the current technologies that helps planting. Such in depth information can give you a firm base in the selection.

On site and off site SEO optimization – People will say no need for optimizing because the algorithm of Google is very complicated. May be they are right. But we should do what we ought to do. Go for y slow by yahoo, page speed by Google itself. Enhance readability and create more readers.

 Why the relevance of the ads to the site – Choose relevant adds to the site.

The purpose of the audience – Create a good reason to visit the site and come back later.


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