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dos and donts of ad sense code placement for bloggers

Do’s and Don’ts of ad sense code placement for bloggers

              You may know that ad sense does not allow to do some activities. Publishers are not allowed to add program or software that show the visitors about getting some amount of money, if they click the add. 

Publishers should not join for third party program that increases clicks using proxies and other malpractices. Publishers should not ask their relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors to click the adds. The other don’t s are listed here.

  1. Misleading placement of ad sense codes that encourages accidental clicks
  2. Ask visitors to click the adds in their site
  3. Aligning images with ads under a misleading heading
  4. Site layout that behind a log in or content below the fold
  5. Ads in emails,software and applications
  6. Ads on the same page with other
  7. Ads on the same page of another publisher
  8. Displaying a third party site on same page
  9. Placing ads in pop-up windows

If anybody do like that and Google find about such a practice, then he/she is going to get an email which shows like this: “” or There goes your money.

The best way to make some money from is to earn slowly and gently. For that you need to place the adds in a suitable place. The visitors should be attracted to it and they must click it. You may know about “Banner blindness” which has developed in the recent years. Banner blindness is a kind of “alergy” that common visitors developed because of the mass advertising campaigns leading to a chaos. 

                      Visitors does not see the add which are displayed in the websites due to such banner blindness. Their brains only see the content inside the post field and not the other parts of the website. This phenomena is tested and proved. Sometimes I also experience such blindness. So today there are infinite number of domains with same number of adds in the internet and you are just one of them. Only by using the appropriate strategy you will get the clicks from the visitors. 

You need break the chain of the blindness and make them to look to the add. Ad-sense publishers should only place up to three Ad-sense for content units on one webpage. It is better to place your add above and below post section. You can also add a banner in the sidebar of the webpage. We can only place a maximum of three link units and two search boxes on each webpage.

Do’s Best practices

If you have any doubts, you can Setup an application for Free consultation from ad sense masters.

Paste the ad code in your page
use a Code View editor – Paste the ad code between the <BODY> and </BODY> tags.
Check out
Use an
Use a content management system


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