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6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Writing About Ad Sense

There is a trend among new tech bloggers to write about increasing ad sense earnings as well as page views. In this post, I like to state a different perspective on why new tech blogger should not write about earnings in Ad sense.

1. You are New in TECH blogging

The first important aspect to realize is this. You are new to tech blogging and there are thousands of old fat blogs out there that covers all about ad sense. You can or any other major blogs that covers deeper aspects of ad sense. So it is better to avoid writing that than wasting time.

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2. You cannot increase your page views and earnings by writing about ad sense

If you take your posts related to ad sense and review it based on bounce rate and click through rate, it can be seen that you are not getting enough clicks or visitors on that posts. In order to get visitors, the post should be listed in the first page of Google. All the new posts about ad sense will be pushed to previous pages list of Google. Your post and domain do not have a chance to fight against the big brothers of Tech blogging.

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3. Nobody wants usual topics and general information about ad sense

When new bloggers write about ad sense, they choose usual topics like, “make money with google ad sense, 3 Ways to Earn Money Through Google Ad sense, how to get approval of ad sense, how not to get banned from ad sense” and so on. These topics are outdated and no one want to read all this. Some bloggers put these outdated information in new style by providing cool titles. This is also not gonna work in later periods.

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4. Repeated information in many ad sense blogs. 

When I just did a random research on ad sense posts in many blogs, I could see same information in multiple blogs. Even the titles were not different. I can give an example.

One has written ad sense posts with below titles.

how to make money with google adsense step by step guide
how to make money with google adsense without a website
how to make money with google ad sense blogger
how to make money with google adsense and youtube
how to make money with google adsense on facebook
how to make money with google ad sense without a website

Almost all the information provided in these posts were same.

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5. Google do not promote these kind of posts and websites

Just let you guys know that Google stopped promoting such posts and websites which keeps on writing about ad sense and increase earnings. Sometimes they are even kicked out from having ad sense account. Basically is because of infinite number of low quality blogs out there where the authors do not even know what they want to write. Hence they end up writing the same content every time with synonyms.

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6. Lack of originality and writing crap even when you know it

Lack of originality is one of the major reason. Having a blog does not actually mean you can write whatever crap you want to write. I am saying this because I have done it in my earlier blogs and realized very lately that that strategy is not working at all.  I do not want you to do the same mistakes, that I have done. Better you keep reading and re reading Ad Sense program policies. Write original. Come up with new things.

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