February 6, 2018

How to Fix "Google Maps Not Working" in Chrome


Many users often complain that when they access maps.google.com, Google Map is not showing and Map is not displaying in Chrome Browser. Google Maps store data in cookies that are saved in your computer and loads this mapping data from these cookies. If Google Maps display is not loading properly, then try the below fixes to load Google Maps correctly in Chrome browser.

This page didn't load Google Maps correctly error fix

Clear cookies in Chrome to Fix Google Maps Not Working

Google map may have saved cookies in your computer of your previous sessions that are expired, and may be trying to load the website from these cookies. We have to delete the information and data contained in these cookies by deleting them and enable downloading of new cookies. This will refresh Google Map and display map correctly. You can use this link to know how to clear cookies in Chrome.

Shortcut to Clear Cookies in Chrome

Go to Google Chrome browser, Select CTRL and H together, Select Clear Browsing Data in the left said. Select time range as ALL TIME, select Cookies and other site data and select Ok. This will log you out from all the websites. Go back to Chrome and type maps.google.com to access Google map and check if it loading properly.
Google map loads fast for some seconds and turn blank.
Google Doodle and logo does not show.
400 errors when opening a new tab in Chrome.

Delete gsScrolPos cookies

1. Open maps.google.com
2. Click on the green "Secure" button with a lock that appears the left of the address bar.

Delete gsScrolPos cookies to Fix Blank Google Maps In Chrome

3. You can see "Cookies" with "xx in use" -- click that text.
4. Expand "www.google.com" and "Cookies"
5. Select all gsScrolPos cookies: Select the first one, and shift-down Arrow until all are selected.
6. Click "Remove"
7. Click reload (F5)

Google maps will work.

Update Chrome to Stable Version

Go to Help, click About Google Chrome and it will start automatically updating the browser.

updating Google Chrome if Map does not render on one certain computer

After updating, it will show Nearly up to date! Relaunch Google Chrome to finish updating.
Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit). Select RELAUNCH button and load Google Map.

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