April 25, 2017

Keyword Distribution Study: Advertising Bloggers and Marketing Blogs


Keywords are very important for getting high rankings. How can a blogger successfully include keywords in the post.

Keyword Distribution means the how keywords are distributed or listed in a post. The post examine whether keyword distribution affects site rankings in Google. For that a specific keyword is chosen such as "Advertising Bloggers and Marketing Blogs".

Analyzing Google Search

A search was done with a keyword: "Advertising Bloggers and Marketing Blogs" on Google. First three results are shown below.

Advertising Bloggers and Marketing Blogs Search Results in Google
Image 1: Search

Some words after the URL of the post is shown in bold letters. 

  1. In the first result, these words are; blog, advertising, marketing.
  2. In the second result, these words are; Advertising, Bloggers, marketing. blogs.
  3. In the third result, these words are; advertising, blogs, advertising.

The second results has more keywords than the first one but still ranking was second. It is maybe because the first one is more up to date as it was published in Feb 22, 2017 and the second was in Jul 7, 2012.

Examining the Best Two Posts

Keyword distribution is very essential in search engine optimization. How keywords are distributed in a post determines how well it rank in a search engine. 

Examining the post Top 10 Advertising Blogs You Must Follow Now,

Keyword advertising appears 6 times.

Advertising Blogs You Must Follow Now preview
Image 2: Bsuness.com

Keyword blog appears 19 times.

blog marketing webpage
Image 3: Blog 

Keyword marketing appears 24 times.

marketing business page
Image 4: marketing

Keywords blog and marketing appears in the site navigation, related articles, breadcrumbs etc. 

Not just the post is optimized for the keyword but the entire website. So it is clear that in order to perform better in ranking of sites in search engines, the site also needs to be optimized for the keyword.

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