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20 days, 20 smart choices Kids Clothing Offer by FlipKart in May

As Great Indian Summer Sale from Amazon kicks into the E commerce market, the Indian platform FlipKart is also on the run by announcing new #shop smart, Days, 20 days, 20 smart choices Kids Clothing Offer.

Kids Clothing Offer by FlipKart 20 days, 20 smart choices logo
20 days, 20 smart choices Kids Clothing Offer by FlipKart

“20 days, 20 smart choices” Means What?

FlipKart announced the new “20 days, 20 smart choices” starting from May 1 to May 20.  I wanted some information regarding about what this offer is all about. So I clicked the advertisement leader banner of 20 days, 20 smart choices in the FlipKart’s site and it taken me to section of “KIDS’ CLOTHING”.  Then I checked the press of FlipKart too, but was unable to find any information regarding what they have actually meant by 20 days, 20 smart choices Kids Clothing Offer and what it is all about. I checked out the blog of Flip cart too but the result was same.

Products in Sale from May 1 to May 20 

I got the following information from Mytokri and not from FlipKart website.

The Kids Clothing offer by FlipKart is focused on minimum 40% off for products offer.

1st May Deal – Footwear Below Rs.399

2nd May Deal – Kids’ Clothing – Minimum 40% OFF

3 May- Lifestyle Sale

4 May -Mobile Accessories Sale

5 May – Laptop Accessories Sale

6 May – Auto Accessories

7 May – Home Sale

8-9 May- Large & Small Appliances

10-20 May) -Mobiles Sale Days, Books Sale Day, General Merchandise Sale

FlipKart v/s Amazon – War going on?

As you all know there was a twitter war went on with FlipKart and Amazon. It was about FlipKart office using Amazon package boxes as dust bin.

@redditindia We recycled said packaging as our reception’s dustbin.

— Flipkart (@Flipkart) February 20,2015

@redditindia There is a bit of Amazon in every eCommerce company. #justsaying

— (@amazonIN) February 20,2015

@amazonIN @redditindia We’ll drink to that. o/o

— Flipkart (@Flipkart) February 20, 2015

If you haven’t listen to it, well let me share some news about it.

Reddit Started A Twitter War Between Flipkart And Amazon. Amazon Nails It With A Witty Comeback!

Flipkart uses Amazon package as dustbin

Anyway the Twitter war ended here but the war in the market is going on between the two major E commerce companies. Amazon is investing tons of money in the Indian market and trying to broaden its reach to urban as well as rural areas. This is why Amazon launched their new summer sale focusing on the general population whom do not generally buy products online.

FlipKart need to step up right now and start creating ads campaigns ASAP. This is the only way they can keep up their pace with the international Amazon. As far as i searched in the website, i could not get any press releases, blog posts or any other information about the offer. The Great Indian Summer Sale from Amazon will be the biggest summer bonanza ever and FlipKart need to something urgent.

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