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reasons why user leave website in  seconds

Reasons why User Leave Website in 10 Seconds

How can you increase your number of visitors in just 10 Seconds? Is this a gimmick. According to Weibull distribution, 90 percent of the users that visit your website leaves in just 10 seconds.

Reasons why User leave your website in 10 Seconds

1. The content was irrelevant.
2. The title and the content do not match.
3. The language was too odd or ambiguous. 
4. The content was too much biased.
5. Too much ads
We can find numerous reasons for why a user leave the website. But one of the main important factor is that,


Users are coming from all over the world and they are getting the same experience irrespective of gender, country, device, interest etc, If the website and the content is not related to their persona’s, users are tend to leave. If a visitor tends to spend more than ten seconds, he/she may go reading all the content.


1. Understand the type of visitors visiting your website. For that you can Google Analytics. 
2. Find basic traits of visitors and reasons why they are leaving.
3. Try putting small stories, jokes, pictures at the beginning, so that the visitor will stay for more than ten seconds.
4. Increase number of returning visitors and retain recency.
5. Show you are an experienced in this and you know what you are doing. 
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