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Alexa is one of the top ranking companies that rank websites and blogs. Alexa rank is very important for the websites which gives them more push towards the Google page rank. If you add the gadget to your blog, then you will have more increase in the ranking for sure.

As you know Alexa is having new design and they have changed some pages and users are unable to find the gadget page from the website.

Alexa rank gadget
Alexa rank

I have been searching for the Alexa site gadget code to install to my site. Unfortunately i couldn't find it. I have visited the in the link and there was another link that said that i will get the gadget using this link - Unfortunately Alexa had changed the link and now bloggers could not get Alexa gadget from that page.

 The Alexa widgets are free and easy to install. These gadgets can be embedded in the website by adding a code to the HTML space. The one i am sharing will automatically update your website's rank and the date of when it was ranked last. The model is displayed above.

So i am providing a simple code for your website. Just copy and paste this code to your HTML gadget. Edit the red code and replace to your website address.

<div class="textwidget"><div style="text-align:center;margin-top:10px;"><script type='text/javascript' language='JavaScript' src=''></script></div></div>
If you want to check the how your webpage looks like in different browsers after adding the code, read my new post; "Best Free Tools and Tutorials for making websites / blogs responsive"

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