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Dear friends,

Day before yesterday i received a mail from a friend who subscribed to ship me this. The subject was this, "Why nobody click on my ad sense banner adds?".

get clicks ship me this
ad sense

When i read this mail for the first time, i laughed for some time and thought it is a silly question. I wrote this answer,"Dear friend, I know that your adds are not clicked by viewers and that is a major issue. I think the number of visitors you got is less compared others and you need to add more than 1000 words per article in order to get good adds that are in relation with the context of your article or post. So just think about it and i hope you will have a bright future in blogging." After writing these sentences, i thought what will be the reason for not clicking enough clicks in the websites. I checked his website and he had about 1,446,149  world rank and 87,254  in India. He had more than 200 visitors each day in his site. He was just getting 1 click from India in a week. I am pretty sure that he should be getting more than that for his site.

So again i looked it his content and all most all the content was related technology like how to get password from face book, try to get password of other's gmail etc. So i asked him to write a authentic article about latest and popular trends in games of facebook. He wrote that article and the word length was 1002. He added two images and on video of a game - Farming fantasy. Then i asked him to ping his post for search engines and share it on popular media like facebook, google plus and twitter. I asked him to retweet his tweets and reshare it on facebook. He did that too and asked him to wait for two day and let me now the status. After one and a half day i got is email with a big thank you image. He got 5 clicks from UK and 2 from US. So imagine by just changing the nature of the post , he monetized his website and got more number of clicks. So i think the questions he asked is an awesome question an i have given an awesome answer for that. I also shared some good information about which you can visit and lear,"Need good payments: 5 Pay Per Click networks for Blog-spot".
As a blogger, you should write creative interesting posts with good images and videos, publish it, ping it, popularize it and wait for the magic to happen. All the magic happens from within and if you need any information and help, do not hesitate to ask me. I will be here. You can contact me using this link or you can add you question to my new forum.

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