Who talk about health?

Health is a broad topic that encompasses most of the areas of society. But there as less talk about the politics of health. How health is been viewed in the current political scenario, how much importance is given to health field, how much budgetary allocations are being offered by various national parties and how much of them are practiced and implemented.
Politics of Health
Politics of Health using National Party manifestos for elections

Party manifestos

Party manifestos are central to a competitive electoral process as well as the larger civic engagement process. Manifestos are political parties’ only authoritative policy statements and, therefore, are indicators of the parties’ policy preferences at a given point of time. Understandably, and true to the Indian political tradition, manifestos employ political rhetoric as well as sloganeering to attract the voters. Consequently the full implementation of manifestos becomes a tall order.

Mandate theory states that for successful representation the policy outcome generated during a legislative period should match the promises made by political parties before the election. In the upcoming 2014 elections, most national parties have constituted think tanks within the party who would work on critical policy issues. These think tanks make all the promises and due to the new turn overs in current Indian Political Scenario as AAP came to compete, other national parties invited opinions and suggestion from people.  However, no internal institutions exist to track the implementation of these manifestos. These promises usually become a fantasy after the election.

For that we need to explore how political bodies have an effect on the health policy arena and understand political climates that exist in our society and the impact they have on the well being of certain populations particularly the vulnerable and oppressed. More than that we need to recognize different social, political and economic environments existing in Indian society that help advance policies affecting health in general and mental health in particular.

There is a need to review election manifestos of the previous years and examine them in the context of budgetary spending of governments and actual policy outcomes.

Kerala Legislative Assembly Elections 2011
Kerala Legislative Assembly Elections 2006
15th Lok Sabha Elections 2009
14th Lok Sabha Elections 2004

The coming 2014 election is very different from other elections as Aam Aadmi Party is playing the game.

Meetings can be conducted with relevant field-practitioners to understand the health needs of the community and ex-MPs or ex-MLAs and mentioning their stance on the health perspective.

Author: akhil Updated: 25/02/2014 10:22 PM

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