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why is it necessary to have ideas and start working for it

Why Is It Necessary to Have Ideas and Start Working For It

We are all working individuals. Most of us working in companies, industries, corporates,NGOs and Government departments. Today I thought about sharing some insights on why is it necessary to have ideas and why we should work for that.

Many people feel bad to send their Bio or Resume or CV for applying a job to some organisation. It is basically because most people in HR or so called Founders/ CEOs have certain stereotypes of people who apply for a job.

Steroetypes [Some are exaggerated to relativelysuit with extremities]

The person who have sent me the CV;

is poor and living in a street without a house
do not have any income and begging in streets to sustain life
is ready to accept any kind meagrecharity money as salary
is ready to work day and night and not get married and die working in same companyin the same designation
is ready to whatever to pick vegetables from market, massage feet of CEO, take CEO’s children to schools etc.
will do anything and everything and can be thrown out anytime

So Why is it necessary to work for your idea

The answer is so that you do not have to send your CVs to others for a job instead you will get CVs of others.
It may take years to grow your organisations,but let me tell you something very clear that; You Wont Regret Those years. Even if you fail, you can atleast say that you worked for your idea to make it a reality.
There are always people near us saying that go and do a job, get a sustained income and stuff like that. These are for ordinary people who just want to survive. DO you want to be normal? Are you ordinary? If not, push your luck. Set your idea in mind, start with low investment, do a pilot, find out what works and modify your idea. Things will work out for sure. Do not worry even you think you are wasting time. Atleast the time that you are wasting if your time and for yourself, for your idea.
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