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what can be done in the field of mental health new perspectives

What can be done in the field of Mental Health- New perspectives?

Mental illness is common and dominant in almost all the countries, cultures in the world. Usually mental illness has a stigma surrounding in the society such as the people with mental illness are violent and mental illness is not treatable. People also believe that those who are affected by mental illness cannot do productive work and cannot give anything back to the community.

The number of adults having mental illness is actually huge in America in a year and many of these adults are having co-morbid disorders. Most of these mental illnesses will have early symptoms. In the developing countries early identification of systems and their treatment actually reduce the treatment cost very effectively.

Early identification of these symptoms can lead to lesser levels of distress in the later stages of disorders. Early identification of symptoms in the pro-dromal phase is really needed for young people with mental illness. These identifications can be done by parents, teachers, peers etc. These primary and secondary contacts can really helpful. These people should be aware of the changes of person in the behavioral and emotional level. The can be given training in the identifications of symptoms.

People who are having mental illness will not get work if employers know about their mental status and have a higher risk of being unemployed. They will be fired and will not be reemployed again.

Some severe mental illness will have perceptual and thought disorders. These dysfunctions causes distress in the person and their relatives. They also should be identified so that they can be treated and refereed to a mental health practitioner or professional.

Governments can do a lot for he promotion for mental health. They can conduct awareness campaigns for adults, adolescents and parents. Institutionalized care is most frequent in the developing countries that are too costly and community care models are not taken up. They can create smaller community clinics to treat mental illnesses and produce more mental health professionals throughout the country.

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