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How To WD Product Registration Warranty Check

This post will share about How To Do Western Digital Product Registration And WD Warranty Check for 1 TB Hard Drive. I bought a 1TB Hard Drive from WD and wanted to register it online to avail 3 years limited warranty. 
It took me 1 hour to find out how to get 3 years warranty by WD product registration. I want to share the tips to you on how to register a 1TB Hard Drive or 2 tb harddrive WD, wd warranty check and get 3 years warranty through WD product registration. WD product registration is compulsory to get 3 years warranty.
WD warranty check by serial number can be done by taking serial number from wd hardrive plate and verify in online wd website. Western digital login can be done through an online link which I will share in this post. WD hard disk warranty period is maximum up to 3 years and this is limited warranty. I could not find any wd hdd service center in India and wd warranty toll free number. You can easily regsiter your WD hdd or sdd or any other wd product using this process.

Get 3 Years Warranty by WD Product Registration

You need to have basic things in your hand before doing WD product registration online in the wd website.

Valid Email ID: Email Id of yours that you gave to the shop, or valid email that you use to buy stuff online from Amazon, Flipkart or account.

Purchase Date: Ordered date

Serial Number: This you can from the Hard drive plate. You open the cover and take out the hard drive. Notice the plates on the hard drive or any other product. You will see two numbers p/n and s/n. s/n is serial number. Write it down in a notepad.

Once you have these things, go to the WD portal online and start the  product registration process.

WD Portal Link:

Enter all the necessary details such as;

First Name *

Last Name *

Email *

Country *

Phone Number

Serial Number *

Purchase Date *

Place of Purchase


If successful, then you will see the available warranty for the WD Product.

Read the instructions in the wd website if you are from Europe.

How to Get 3 Years Warranty by WD Product Registration

Issues of Warranty and WD Product Registration

You can use the WD Support website link: if needed.

If the warranty seems less, do the following.

1. Create an RMA (Return Material Authorization) and mention the warranty issue
2. You will get a Case ID
3. Attach the invoice.
4. Within 3-4 days customer care will respond you
5. Forward your complaint to wdexpress.india[at]wdc[dot]com with the Case ID, Scanned copy of invoice, Photo of your hard disk showing the label.
6. If they don’t respond within 2-3 days, forward the mail again.

You will get your warranty updated.

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