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the final stage of previous life and stepping stone of new life psych it

The Final Stage of Previous Life And Stepping Stone of New Life – Psych It

“When things wont go the same” is a rare but strong thought that will come in the lives of people. It comes when you think that you cannot change some event that have occurred in the past and you cannot make it work by doing anything in the present.
This thought normally is overcrowded by emotions, confusions, and complexities. The person will look for philosophies that suit the situation and try to overcome the feeling. Why it is so important? Individuals think that the events that happened in the past is due their Karma and they are experiencing the effects of that Karma. However it is more than that.

The events that have happened in the past are usually the results of a self that lack an understanding of what it wants and what it need. The lack of self understanding lead the person to decision of self centeredness , using others for happiness and sexual needs which again resulting in unpredictable unending consequences. There will be desirable outcomes at previous situation which promote the person to keep the decisions and processes moving. Finally there will be a stage where others recognize that the person was cheating them, using them and it is better to leave the company, relationship and all the contacts from the person. Still the person will not understand what he has done and will try to put all the blame to others. The person will not feel any bitter emotions at this time.

After some days feelings of lose, sadness, missing will come to the mind. The person will not understand why they are coming and try to divert the thoughts to some other interesting activities. As days go by, the person cannot concentrate on the work, will feel loneliness and  lack of belongingness. Then the individual will try to reconnect the dots and try to draw a line to what happened in the past. By doing this, person will get what he / she have done, and understand what has been done was wrong. The understanding will be much more broadened as things get more clearer and clearer. The ultimate understanding will be that nothing can be done about the past and it is as is.

The person will try so many things to deroot the thoughts but nothing will work, and finally acknowledge that what he / she have done is wrong and started correcting the mistake. However at this point of time, everything will be out of hand. Very slowly that thought of When Things Won’t Go the Same takes place in the mind leaving the individual to a realization of letting things go. By letting everything go, creating principles and values, start by not doing or repeating the same mistake, the individual learn more about life. That would be the final stage of the previous life and stepping stone of a new life.

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