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March 12, 2018

7 Effective Ways To Tackle Bhang Effect

Bhang is a regular drink in Holi till you consume enough to get high to dance. For beginners and first time users, Bhang may feel like a lot worse. Here are effective ways to tackle Bhang Effect. Are you searching for ways on how much bhang to consume, what is experience of bhang, how to reduce bhang effects and how long does bhang take to kick in. I will share you my experience with bhang effect and details on how much bhang to drink to get high, how to consume bhang goli, bhang hangover duration and bhang side effects treatment.

My Experience of Bhang and Bhang Effects

I bought Bhang from an approved Bhang shop and I asked him to mix 4 spoons of Bhang with sweet water for take home. I went home and consumed 1/3rd of the total content of Bhang mixed in cold sweet water around 8:30 PM night. I took a break of 15 minutes and nothing happened. I took another 1/3rd and waited for another 15 minutes and nothing. Then after 15 minutes, I took the last portion in a gulp and drank some water. I thought the shop keeper cheated me as I am not feeling anything.

bhang effects

After 1 hour, I suddenly felt numbness in my body as I was talking to someone in call. I cut the call and tried to sit and started to Google on how to prevent Bhang effect as I was sure after ten minutes, I may not be able to do so. My mouth got really dry and I kept on drinking water. Pain sensation was gone. I kept on drinking like 2-3 ltrs of water till my stomach is full. I sat sometime in my bed eyes closed and I could feel the all the bodily sensations such as breathing, gas coming out of mouth and heartbeat in real. I tried to sleep but started vomiting.

I went to the toilet and vomited multiple times. Mouth got dried and took a bottle of water and sat in the toilet itself and drank water and vomited and coughed. I opened the tap and pour water on my head and body. I really felt like crying as this is really bad. I realize that I can control my sensations by commanding to them. I commanded to stop vomiting and coughing and that decision coincided with the bodily sensations. That conflict made my body crumple and shiver. I sat there for more than half an hour and later took a towel and wiped my head. Took a bedsheet and pillow, lied on the floor with wet body and dresses.

I was shaking like hell. Every minutes my body shakes and I am unable to do anything. After 4 hours around 2:15 PM, the effects reduced and in ten minutes, I came back to my senses. I felt enormously relieved and thanked God.

How much bhang to consume

There is no specific answer to it. I would suggest for beginners to take less than half a spoon and wait at least 1 and half hour before taking another dose. If you want to take more, take in a period of 15 minutes or so. You can consume bhang goli with cold sweet milk or water. Other items are Bhang Thandaayi, Bhang Pakodas, Bhang Barfi, and even Bhang Ice Cream.

How long does bhang take to kick in

Bhang generally take 1 hour to 1 and half an hour to kick in. Beginners do not understand this and drink more creating a havoc experience. Always take very small amount.

Bhang hangover duration

Again there is no specific answer to it. It depends on how much you have taken. I took 4 spoons and got high for 4 hours.

How to reduce bhang effects and side effects

To Do List

Eat food moderately before taking Bhang -  Many say to eat heavy food before taking Bhang. I would suggest to eat moderately. Heavy food will make you really tired and dehydrating. You can include juice and fruits in the food. Do not forget to drink water. Moderate food consumption will also help in vomiting. After a point of time, nothing will come out of your stomach and then you can command your inner systems to stop vomiting.

Drink water moderately - If you keep on drinking water without any control, you may end up vomiting badly and get dehydrated. Take regular shots of water like one glass and urinate as much.

Eat Apple - I ate Apple and banana and I do not know whether it actually helped me. 

eat apple to reduce bhang effects

Lemon Juice - You can lemon water as it will somewhat stop the Bhangover. I have not tried it so cannot advice.

lemon juice to subside bhang effects

Stay Cold - I would suggest to open shower and sit in the washroom itself. This will suspend the effects and increase the blood flow. Try to make your body as cold as possible to raise body temperature and increase blood flow.

shower to wear of effects of bhang

Not To Do List

Do not take caffeine products as it will worsen the experience.
Do not smoke.
Do not take any other drugs or alcohol.

Post Bhang Sessions - Bhangover effects

Next day you may feel lethargic, dehydrated and tired. Drink water and eat apple in the morning. Take light food only and do not take hard heavy food. Stay hydrated.

Update: I am having stomach pain and bloating feelings for the last 2 days. Taking antibotic for it

Always Remember: No one has died using Bhang. The experience will last only 4-8 hours and it will go away fast. Stay hydrated and keep your conscience awake. This Shall Too Pass On.

February 22, 2018

How to Solve Personal Hotspot Missing in iphone

For the last few hours I was trying to figure out how to Solve Personal Hotspot Missing in Apple iphone. Personal hostspot is used to connect internet using mobile data of iphone via USB or wifi to your computer and other devices. My iphone 5 was not showing personal hotspot so I was unable to connect to internet in laptop. The below method can be used to show personal hotspot in Apple iphone 5, iphone 5s, iphone 6 and iphone 6s.

To show missing personal hotspot, add a Access Point Network [APN] for personal hotspot. Thats it. Next time when you activate mobile data, a personal hotspot button will appear and ask you set up the personal hotspot.

solve missing personal hotspot in iphone

How to Add APN for personal hotspot in iphone 5

Go to setting > Mobile Data > Mobile data options > Mobile data network > Scroll dow to see Personal Hotspot > Add APN of your Mobile connection. APN will be different for each mobile connection. For BSNL [Cellone], it is bsnlnet. You need to find out the APN for as per your connection for Airtel, Idea, Gio, Vodafone etc. A quick Google search can help you in finding the correct APN for your connection.

For BSNL users

Go to Settings, mobile data, mobile data options, mobile data network, scroll down below and add "bsnlnet" without quotes as APN under Personal Hotspot.

Disconnect mobile data and connect again.

IPhone signals lost when try to connect to Internet

Sometimes when you try to connect back, the 3G sign will come momentarily and then signals get lost. Then you will get a "Could Not Activate Mobile Data Network" message. In that case press OK. and wait for 1-2 minutes. Then press airplane mode on and off. Repeat this procedure for 3 times and off the airplane mode and activate data when you get signals. You can keep doing it till you get network and internet.

Personal hotspot will activated only if you enter APN in the settings. Apple iphone missing hotspot can be solved with this step by step guide.

November 13, 2017

15 Paid Fellowship Programs In India For Youth

Are you searching for best Paid Fellowships In India For Youth for study, research and professional development. Here are teach for India Fellowship– Teach For India Teach for All, best fellowship programs in india 2017 and many other paid fellowships in india 2017. This post has the best information on grass routes fellowship, youth for india fellowship, legislative assistants to members of parliament (lamp) fellowship, william j clinton fellowship and all major fellowships in india for youth Study, Research and Professional development. Here is an updated list of 15 best fellowship programs in india 2017. This awesome list of 15 paid fellowships in india are available for Indian youth.

Do you have the passion to understand the ubiquitous realities of India? Do you want to feel connected to the rural and urban India and do something to make it better? Do you want to be the change agent?

The following list will give you only the best and the most rigorous and enriching fellowship programs for the youth, in India. These are best Paid Fellowships Programs in India that will give you experience of your life.

15 Best Paid Fellowships in India 2017

  1. India Fellow
  2. Youth for India
  3. Young India Fellowship
  4. Teach For India
  5. Full Bright fellowship
  6. Villgro Fellows
  7. Ashoka Fellowship
  8. Tata Motors Fellowship
  9. Gandhi Fellowship
  10. Azim Premji Foundation
  11. Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellows Scheme
  12. LAMP Fellowship: Legislative Assistant to Member of Parliament
  13. william j clinton fellowship
  14. IIHS Urban Fellowship Program
  15. Chief Minister’s Good Governance Fellowship
Lets start then.

1. India Fellow Fellowship: Paid Fellowship Program in India

India Fellow Fellowship: Paid Fellowship Program in India
Can you spot me? Credit: India Fellow. 
I was an India Fellow of the year 2015-16. I am keen to join the program in July 14. India Fellow is a One year-long leadership program that makes you become socially conscious leaders of tomorrow. This is a Fellowship for students from India.

The team consist of Rahul Nainwal, the founder India Fellow program, Anupama Pain, co-founder with Manali Shah and Anvesh Tirukovalluru. Application process starts in April of every year. Starting from the 2016 cohort, 5 fellows will be able to work as“Ideosync UNESCO India Fellow (IUIF).

Duration - 1 year
Paid - Yes [15K for Urban and 12K for Rural]
Application process starts at - December
Source: India Fellow Website. Visit India Fellow website for more information.

2. Youth for India Fellowship by State Bank of India: fellowship programs in india 2017

Youth for India Fellowship by State Bank of India
youth for India Fellowship SBi Your view of the world

Youth for India is a fellowship program that enables young graduates to work on rural development projects with experienced NGOs. The fellowship is supported by State Bank of India (SBI). You will have opportunity in working in any of 35 locations across 10 states of the country.

The applicants will have to be Young Professionals or Fresh Graduates with an Age between 21-32 (as on date of commencement of the program). Two of my friends are doing their fellowships here and they are posted in Kuppam, AP. The fellowship is focused in 12 program areas and is diverse.

Duration - 1 year
Paid - Yes [15K]
Application process starts at - June
Source: Youth for India Website.

3. Young India Fellowship by Asoka University: fellowships in india 2017

Young India Fellowship by Asoka University

I was a campus leader for the Young India Fellowship for the year 2014-15. It is a one- year residential post-graduate program to develop committed change agents for India. The average cost of the program per Fellow is INR 6 lakhs with an additional INR 75,000 as food cost.

Each Fellow is sponsored fully or partially by a sponsor. Students who are in the final year of their undergraduate and postgraduate degree can also apply for the fellowship. One of my friends completed this fellowship and commented that the exposure she got is significant.

Duration - 1 year
Paid - No [Fees are covered under sponsorship]
Application process starts at - September
Source: Young India Fellowship website

4. Teach For India Teach for All Fellowship Program

Teach For India Teach for All Fellowship Program
Apply to Teach for India Fellowship 2018

Teach for India is a 2 year paid program and fellows will be provided an opportunity to work in under resourced and low income rural schools in India. The program has more than six hundred alumni, nine hundred fellows in 7 cities and has taught over 27 thousand children.

Fellows will be posted as school coordinator or teacher with the responsibilities of working as a full time  teacher of English, Math, Science and Social Science, designing and managing systems and procedures to maximize school-site and training, to improve efficiency of teaching in schools and to track and analyze school-site student data to help optimize  effectiveness.

Duration - 2 year
Paid - Yes [17K]
Application process starts at - Register using interest form
Source: Teach For India Fellowship Web Site

5. Full Bright fellowship program in Indian Youth

ull Bright fellowship program in Indian Youth
Full Bright 

Full Bright and Rhodes Scholarship, Fellowships for Indian students are very prestigious. The United States – India Educational Foundation (USIEF) provides Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships,Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship, Other Fulbright Fellowships, Non Fulbright Fellowships and other Fulbright Fellowships for Indian students, researchers and teachers. These fellowships are a good opportunity for Social Work Post Graduates [MSW] in India to study abroad. 

The fellowships are mainly in three categories:
  1. Student Awards to pursue a master's degree or attend a U.S. University as a visiting student researcher,
  2. Scholars and Teacher Awards for academics, teachers and professionals to teach or conduct research in the U.S., and
  3. Professional Development Programs for leadership and skill development.
Duration - As per the course selected
Paid - Full paid
Application process starts at - Know more in FAQ section

6. Villgro Fellows Program updated: grass routes fellowship

Villgro Fellows Program updated
Villgro Fellowships

Villgro Fellowships will provide to work with startups in various fields and have access to premier social enterprise conferences that are happening in India. The fellow is expected to create Key Result Areas (KRAs) after two months of fellowship where they will evaluated under this. This is a chance to work in social enterprise sector and have an immerse experience. Fellows share their experiences in Fellowship Diaries.

Eligibility: Work experience of at least three years in one or more of these functional areas: business development, sales, operations, finance, product design, marketing.

Duration - 12 Months
Paid - A stipend of Rs. 25000rs. It has mentioned in the FAQ section as a stipend it will  cover reasonable monthly living costs for the duration of the year- long program. 
Application process starts at - March

7. Ashoka Fellowship in India 2017: fellowship programs in india

Ashoka Fellowship in India in india 2017
Ashoka Fellowships

Ashoka is a global program for making social innovators and entrepreneurs over 65 countries. Visit Ashoks Fellowship website for more information. 

Duration - 3 year
Paid - Living stipend for an average of three years
Application process starts at - Register using interest form.

8. Tata Motors Fellowship for TISS Students

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects of Tata Motors Limited
TISS Fellowship

The Tata Motors Fellowship is offered to the students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. The candidates have to send a proposal which will be reviewed. Then face to face interview with a panel of 4 members. Generally two fellows are selected. The fellows will work in Tata Motors CSR areas.

Five fellowships are awarded to the social work graduates of TISS for a period of two years. The objective is to create an interface between academia and industry by supporting social development programs.

Tata Motors Fellowship for TISS Students
TISS Fellows
The fellowship began in June 2015 with two projects being awarded in the field of affirmative action. One of the fellows is working in Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh on improving the secondary educational status of students from Musahar community. The other fellow is making efforts to increase the retention rate of tribal students caught amidst the conflict in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh.
Tata Motors Fellowship
TISS Fellows 2
Two more fellowships have been awarded in subsequent months.

The fellows contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects of Tata Motors Limited at Sanand (Gujarat) and Jamshedpur (Jharkhand). They work closely with CSR teams in order to develop, monitor and implement the field action programs of the company.

Duration - 2 year
Paid - Yes [25K + 5K for TA and DA]

Application process starts at - Through Central Placement Cell of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

9. Gandhi Fellowship - Youth Leadership Program in India

Gandhi Fellowship - Youth Leadership Program in India
Gandhi Fellowship - Youth Leadership Program

The Gandhi Fellowship Program is a Fellowship program for talented youngsters from India's top colleges. The fellows in India will be posted in rural Government Schools and have to assist teachers and headmasters and headmistresses of 5 schools per fellow. One of the Gandhi fellows is posted in Rajastan with Educate girls.

Duration - 2 year
Paid - Yes [14K] [7K will be given each month with free accommodation. The other 7K per month will be cumulatively added and paid back at the end of first year if you leave the fellowship or the second year.]

Application process starts at - Through website

10. Azim Premji Foundation Teach for All Fellowship Program

Azim Premji Foundation Teach for All Fellowship Program
Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship

Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship Program is a 2 year program offered to post graduates or professionals who have 3 - 10 years of experience. The fellows will be posted in Government Rural schools in India. You can go to the FAQ section of the fellowship and know every detail. There is an induction training program if you get selected after online test and interview. The induction training will be conducted in the initial 2 weeks in Bengaluru.

Duration - 2 year
Paid - Yes [27K] [Provident Fund, Medical-Life- Personal Accident Insurance benefits are in addition]

FUTURE: After the completion of the Fellowship Program, the fellows will be posted as employees in the foundation.

Application process starts at - Through website

11. Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellows Scheme India

Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellows Scheme India
Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellows Scheme
PMRD Fellowships are India's one of the best fellowship program that offer more than 75K as stipend. This fellowship program is offered by  the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Government of India (GoI) to to facilitate convergence of and improving access to welfare and development programs for people in conflict- affected, backward and isolated areas in India. The fellows will be able to work at grass root level with the community. 

Essential criteria:-
Age between 22-27 years at the time of application. For candidates belonging to SC/ST category, the maximum age limit will be 32 years.
At least a graduate from a recognized university/institute
At least 50% marks in the aggregate or equivalent grade at the graduate or postgraduate level, whichever is qualifying.

Duration - 2 year
Paid - Yes. The Fellows shall be entitled to a consolidated stipend package of Rs.50,000
(Rupees Fifty thousand only) per month during the orientation period.  Rs.75,000 per
Month (Rupees Seventy Five Thousand only) during the first year and a 10% increment
during the second year.
Application process starts: November

12. legislative assistants to members of parliament (lamp) fellowship

The Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship is an  opportunity for youngsters to work with Members of Parliament for full time from the beginning of the Monsoon session to the end of the Budget session. Fellows will be trained in policy-making, drafting questions for MPs, basic parliamentary and legal frameworks, parliamentary procedures, information sources and research tools.

Duration: 11 Months 
Place of posting: Delhi
Eligibility: Bachelor's degree
Stipend: Rs 17,000 per month, with an additional amount of Rs 3,000 per month to cover any expenses incurred (such as local conveyance, telephone calls, internet charges etc).

Website: Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship

13. william j clinton fellowship in India

william j clinton fellowship in India
William J Clinton Fellowship For Service in India

THE AMERICAN INDIA FOUNDATION offers William J Clinton Fellowship to young Indians. They are funded by many corporations and foundations Adobe Foundation, American Express, Applied Materials Foundation, Citi Foundation, Dell, The Hans Foundation, Human Dignity Foundation, ICICI, John D. And Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Oracle and SanDisk. 

The fellows will be working with leading NGOs and social enterprises in India in order to create 
Scalable, and sustainable projects and effectively address multiple social issues. Know more on this in the FAQ section. You can subscribe in the William J Clinton Fellowship website for getting updates about this. 

Eligibility:• Be a citizen / permanent resident of the United States or citizen of India
• Be between the ages of 21 and 34 on September 1, 2016
• Complete an undergraduate degree prior to September 1, 2016

Duration: Ten months

Stipend: Yes. Provides domestic travel from their hometowns in India, insurance coverage, rent, utilities, transportation to and from work, language classes, personal expenses, and food.

Application process starts at - First week of April through the website.

14. The IIHS Urban Fellowship Program in india for youth

The IIHS Urban Fellowship Program in india for youth
The IIHS urban fellowships
The IIHS urban fellowships are a new fellowship program supported by the H T Parekh foundation by HDFC. It is fully-funded, full-time, interdisciplinary fellowship program. The program structure includes 7 elements which are The Commons, The Elective Courses, The Internship, Applied Practica, Skill Labs, Immersion Trips, and Master Classes.

The selected fellows will have to deposit Rs 20,000 which will be refunded after the program finishes.

Stipend: Rs 10,000 per month. Accommodation is provided.

Eligibility:    Candidates with a Bachelors Degree in any subject or discipline, including the social sciences, planning, architecture, journalism, law, media and the arts.
   Candidates who have non-degree training and have undertaken certification programs after their 10+2 schooling.
   Candidates who do not have formal education after their 10+2, but have experience of formal or informal work in urban sectors.

Duration: 9 months

Place of posting: IIHS Bangalore City Campus.

Website: IIHS Urban Fellows Programme: Home

15. Chief Minister’s Good Governance Fellowship Program, Chhattisgarh, India

Chief Minister’s Good Governance Fellowship Program is a 2 year program for managerial professionals to execute projects in government domain and gain experience to advance as managers of excellence. CMGGF program will start from 2nd Oct 2017 and the program is for 2 years. Fellows are expected to remain committed to the program for the entire duration.

Stipend: INR 1,00,000 to 2,50,000

Duration: 2 Years

Location: Chhattisgarh

Eligibility: You must have completed your undergraduate degree and have five year of full- time work experience OR have a postgraduate degree or diploma in any discipline and have three year of full- time work experience.

Website: The Chief Minister Good Governance Fellowship

Other similar Fellowships:

2. Shikshantar's Hacking the Education System Fellowship

May be many of your classmates, friends and cousins are searching for this information. Share This Post to them and they will thank you for it.

October 26, 2017

Miracle mantra for job seekers to get desired job immediately

Are you searching for that miracle mantra for job, mantra to get job in a week,
pooja for getting job immediately and mantras for job seekers. There is no such mantra in this post. And there no mantra to get job instantly, mantra to get desired job immediately, mantra for job success and mantra for job interview. It is just about education, skills and luck.

Are you looking for a desired job and unable to find potential opportunities. Do you want to have  desired salary, work perks, potential opportunities to grow as an individual and a career that broaden your perspectives. Getting that dream job is harder than it sounds. Not just harder, way harder.

I am going to focus few specific details on why getting desired job is harder. I am sure that you may have read 14 Tips if You Being Unemployed for Over 6 Months. This post explains my take on this matter.

Miracle mantra for job seekers to get desired job immediately

Match Expectation of Employers: miracle mantra for job seekers

I hate to say it but expectations of employers are too much to handle. They suck because they want to hire a 'potential' candidate who can not just work but 'dedicate entire life' to them.

1. Potential Candidate - I realized and explored this idea of potential candidate so many times in many interviews and JDs. An employer is looking for the next Steve Jobs for minimal salary who can make their company number 1 in the world. Sometimes I just read Job Descriptions to get a good laugh. An IDEAL CANDIDATE for the employer does not exit in the world.. I am pretty sure people with that kind of abilities which constitutes an IDEAL idea would have started another organization instead coming to an organization for a job. What I am trying to say is that employers expect higher than what they can offer.

2. Experience: They ask for more than 5 years of experiences without any significant focus on the specific job at hand. My friend had an interview with a prestigious company for a HR Analyst position and they said he need to have 5 years of experience in HR. He had more than 3 years of experience specifically of HR analytics but they declined saying less experience. Later we heard they had to take someone who has 7 years experience in HR but no experience in HR analytics. I still have no idea how he works in that company.

3. Lack of Mentoring: Employers look for ready, set, go employees. Some provide training for 1 month or two months to equip the person to do the job and not to excel in it. They do not care about mentoring and fostering a professional relationship with the employee. Employee leave organization whenever he gets a higher pay leaving them at peril of replacing another one.

Getting Desired Job: mantras for job seekers

The problem lies with the job seekers too. Job seeking is a skill that need to be acquired. Job seeking is affected by many factors such as place 

Where You Live

If you live in countries with high unemployment rate, then you are stuck.

What Education and Skills You have: no mantra to get job instantly

Education prepare you for job market and Skills get you the job. Skills are something that you achieve with experience and training. A fresher do not have experience and skills which is leading to unemployment. Employers need skilled workers and not job seekers.

Lets start counting how many marks you are getting out the below list for chance of getting an employment. You may think these are stereotypes but most people get get jobs because they have these.

1. Institution: An accredited institution by respective bodies and agencies [UGC]

2. Mode of Education : Full time study is always preferred rather than part time, distance, correspondence, online modes.

3. More than Eighty Percentage Marks or 8 GPA out of ten consistently: I am not asking you to be the top ranking person in every class but if you maintain at least eighty percentage marks or 8 and more GPA out of ten, you can get through.

4. Language: Ability to use preferred language by the employer is a needed skill. Many prestigious companies prefer good command over English language and language of the place that you are going to work with. Many countries insist on having expertise in language to get a job.

5. Internships: An internship experience at a company and a recommendation letter from supervisor and certificate.

6. Good Bio: A professional updated bio.

7. Soft skills: Just Google for that.

8. Over confidence and boasting of skills : If you boast yourselves, you are going to lose the job. Keep Calm and be authentic.

9. Financial and Social Back up : If you have family members and relatives who can back you up, you have a chance to get your desired job.

Other issues are lack of Matching Algorithms in Market. I meant lack of websites that compare skills of a person and existing job profiles.

Do you want to get a job? Not easy at all. I would urge you to think the time of unemployment as a break to learn more about yourself, write more, read more and sharp your skills. You can start by finding your skills, polishing how you talk to people, how to use speech modulation and how to convince people on an idea. I am sure once you get hold of yourself, you may need to seek a job. It will come to you. As I told you in the beginning of the post there is no mantra to get job instantly, mantra to get desired job immediately, mantra for job success and mantra for job interview. It is just about education, skills and luck.

October 15, 2017

Funniest Adsense Memes You Will End Up Sharing

Here are the funniest Adsense Memes That You Will End Up Sharing to your followers.

Expectation of adsense income today

funniest adsense memes

How I look at Adsense Account Stats

Adsense Account Stats

Reality of adsense earnings

Reality of adsense earnings

Waiting For Ad sense CPC to recover

Waiting For Ad sense CPC to recover

After checking few times and no changes in stats

After checking few times and no changes in stats

September 27, 2017

BBC Published A Viral Shopping List of An Indian Wife

I don't usually take such viral, trending topics and republish them as posts but this one is something that you should read. BBC Published A Shopping List of An Indian Wife written [or I should I say drawn] to her husband for buying vegetables from Grofers, Reliance Fresh and Big Basket.

That Shopping List just went viral Internationally and picked up by BBC Trending, TimesofIndia, Scoopwhoop and Evening Standard.

It is an interesting list though. She tweeted the list on twitter to help other fellow Indian housewives and people started sharing it all the way up to BBC.

September 2, 2017

How To Add Alexa Widget In WordPress Blog

Blogger can now add Alexa widget in WordPress using script or plugins. This post will explain how you can Embed an Alexa widget to https sites that have SSL certificate can improve the alexa rankings of the website. You can easily go to WordPress dashboard and add the below script to HTML widget. Otherwise go to Plugins and search for WordPress Plugin to Add Alexa Widget and install it in Wordpress.

Alexa stopped support for embedding this https widget on SSL websites (https://...). Many tutorials are there for adding alexa widget https to websites but this method will be very easier and effective for https websites with SSL support.

How To Add Alexa Widget In WordPress Blog

You need to add a Text Widget wherever you want the widget to appear.
Appearance > Widgets and drag the Text Widget

How To Embed Alexa Widget HTTPS

Copy the below script to a notepad.
<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>
Note: The script only support HTTPs websites with SSL support and not http websites. For adding alexa widget to http websites, visit Alexa Rank Widget HTML Code For Blogspot And Wordpress Sites. In that tutorial, details are given to Install Alexa Widget Showing Global Rank and Alexa Widget Shows Global Rank with Total number Site Links to non-https websites.

Change to your domain address.
Paste the edited code to your Blogspot Blog or Wordpress

To Add Alexa Rank Widget to Blogspot Blogs

You need to add a HTML/Gadget from Layout Option.
Layout > Add A Gadget > HTML/JavaScriptAdd

Save the changes.
Reload the website.
At first the code will appear as no data.
Reload again and you can see alexa widget with global traffic rank of your website.

How To Add Alexa Widget In WordPress Blog

This widget shows real time data and you can see changes in the traffic rank of your website. Not just increasing alexa ranking but of creating impressions for the visitors of your website.

August 17, 2017

how to Report Phishing, spam articles or something to Google

Due to large number of Phishing and fake websites, the Internet is getting less safer everyday. Google has created many algorithms to deal with these fake Phishing scam websites, but still they come back with another domain name. This guide will explain the process of how to report these Phishing websites to Google using the new Google Web spam Report Tool and take them down.

If everyone is aware about phishing and spam websites, know about reporting fake spam websites to Google, we can make the internet more cleaner and safer. Here is a list of types of sites and how to report them to Google. how to Report Phishing, spam articles or something to Google.

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