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March 12, 2018

Honey Money Saver Chrome Extension to Save Money on Shopping

We all buy stuff online and spend more than 15 minutes to search for a promo code to reduce the price. Honey is chrome extension that let you save money by automatically searching for promo codes and provide you the best coupon that worked in no time to save money on shopping. Honey money saver chrome extension can be downloaded for free from Chrome Store and installed in Chrome Browser. Honey coupon chrome extension can be downloaded for free from Chrome Store and installed in Chrome Browser. Some call in Honey app or honey browser. It is a Chrome Browser Extension that provide you with discount codes shared in Internet by people in Honey community to save money on shopping.

How to Install Honey Chrome Extension to Save Money on Shopping

Go to Google Chrome Extension store, Search for Honey extension and select Add to Chrome.
Go to the shopping site and select the product that you want to choose.
Select the Honey extension icon on top right. Copy any of the listed codes and paste on promo code / discount code option.

Coupons loaded in Honey Money Saver Chrome Extension to Save Money on Shopping in amazon


  1. Help you to save few bucks on almost every purchase in major online shopping sites such as Amazon, Ebay etc.
  2. Continuously watch for the items in your drop list and provide email alert if the price drops
  3. Automatically put coupons on the check out page.

Feedback from Customer

Melanie Sotero: Modified 3 days ago
I tried it out with a really expensive product I wanted to buy, and it automatically started inputting coupon codes into the website. It got me a good 60 dollars off of my 200 dollar checkout.

Honey often picks up coupons already offered by the seller if there are no other coupons available. Sometimes the coupons offered by Honey Extension may have expired and unable to use. Other than that it will save you a lot of money in shopping. There are more than 939 reviews in Google Chrome store.

The extension currently supports United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and India. Honey support email id is yourfriends[at]joinhoney[dot]com. It works for Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Opera. You can use Honey Money Saver to save money on shopping in major E-commerce sites like Amazon, Nike, papajohns, jcrew, nordstrom, forever21, bloomingdales, sephora, groupon, expedia, hotels, Clinique, Crate-and-barrel, finish-line and kohls.

Try the extension here.

Get all the list of shopping websites that you can use Honey in their official Website.

March 7, 2018

How to Find Social Media Profiles by Email Address Free

It is pretty clear that if you want to date someone, you must know their preferences, likes and dislikes. To know their preferences, you must use their social media account profiles and get the required details. What if you are unable to find the hidden social profiles and know only email id, username or phone number. Here is a fast & easy to lookup a person's social media profiles by email address free. This post will share some amazing free reverse email lookup social networks and reverse image search websites to find social media accounts with email address free.

Direct Social Account Search

Quick way to find social media account of a person is to go any of the social network website and searching with their email ID or username. Go to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and directly put email address in search box and enter search. Generally users provide their email address to sign up to the social network and the database will be there. In Facebook search, you can select People as a category and find out only profiles.

Free reverse lookup email services to Find Social Media Profiles by Email Address Free

You can free reverse email look up services such as PIPL, socialcatfish, spokeo, emailsherlock, addresssearch, that'sthem, everify, ussearch, intelligator and Radaris to find social media profiles with just an email address. I have written a detailed post on 10 AWESOME FREE REVERSE EMAIL LOOKUP SERVICES which you can read from here.

find social media profiles by email address free

Free Reverse Image Lookup Websites

You can find the social media accounts if you have the image of the person. Use reverse photo look up by Google or reverse photo search extension in Chrome browser. Read the How to Do Reverse Photo Lookup in Google here.

Rapportive Social Extension for Chrome

Rapportive Chrome Extension reveal the social media accounts Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook of the person from their email address. Now Linked in has acquired and it is called LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Download Rapportive for Chrome 1.2.6 for Windows

Supercharge Gmail Extension for Chrome

Clearbit Connect - Supercharge Gmail is another extension for Chrome browser where you can find location, job title, social profiles, and email address of a person.

Download the extension here.

Discoverly for Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook

Discoverly is a popular social media profile search extension in Chrome store with 32,174 users. Discoverly works with Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Boomerang, Rapportive, Hubspot, Buffer, Hunter, Yesware & Right Inbox for looking up contacts.

Download it here

SignalHire to Find email addresses, phone numbers, social networks

SignalHire - Find email addresses, phone numbers, social networks of anyone when you browse, just one click is an extension for Chrome users to search across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Meetup and Google+, Gmail, Xing, Quora etc.

Add to Chrome from here

Email Qualifier Extension

The Email Qualifier extension for Chrome discovers the social-profiles associated to any email ID: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, sites, emails, phones.]

Check it out here

Intelius for Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Intelius is a website where you can do People Search and Reverse Phone Number Lookup. I have used it and found it like a directory than a search engine. It provide all the names and accounts instead of accurately searching for the person.

Other Email look up services to find social profiles

Rockbolt is paid service to get social media profiles accounts of people. I have not used the website personally and unable to suggest whether it is good or not.

Infotracer is a provides data of people in United States and the website acts as a directory. It provide name, location, age, name and age of relatives for free. For a full report $19.95 which is pricey.

Googling Social Profiles by Email Address

We all search in Google to find out results but many of us do not the science behind searching. Well, let me explain a few things about searching in Google. The basic of Google search is that Google search engine considers only small letter words. Even if you type CAPITAL words, the engine will see like small letter words. You cannot use capital words to specify some words to get a particular result.

Let us start with Google search. Copy the email id and go to Google.come. Enter the email address and press search. Google will search all the existing databases and provide you the links to their social media profiles, social discussions and other details.

Logical Operators: Makes your search easy

OR, AND, and NOT are the three logical operators. If you are adding two or more words for searching it is better to add some logical operators like OR, AND, NOT etc. This will make your search easy. This technique or method is called Boolean searching.

Let us find out about “OR” (/) first.

If you only the user name or name of the person and want to do a search, then instead of “Donald Trump", it is better to type “Donald/Trump” or “Donald or Trumps".

“OR, /” here means that this word and that word should be included in the search. The Google search engine will find all the websites which have either one keyword or two words like “Donald” and “Trump". You can use more than two words with adding OR. Your search will be specific to the keywords you choose. 

What about AND?

The logical operator “AND” is used for specificity in the search. Ones you added two or more words with “AND” like “Gary and Cohn”, “Gary AND Cohn AND Trump” etc., the search engine will only find out websites that have these words.

NOT (-) is a filtering word

The logical operator NOT is used for filtering the site. If you want to know information about “Gary” but not about “Trump”, then you can use “Gary - Trump” or “Gary not Trump”. You should remember to put a space before and after the “-” sign which denotes NOT. Some examples are Pitt – Brad, Shasha not sasha, Justin – Bieber etc.

So if you add “OR, AND, and NOT” you could get a specific result which is less time consuming and easy to use.

Note: You can use the Google Linked Email option to find connected websites of your own gmail account.

March 2, 2018

How to Find Accounts Linked to Email for Free

You have to sign up and login to use a website. In the course of time, you may have created thousands of accounts linked to your email to use the websites and their services. You can find accounts linked to email for free using reverse email look up services and use Google sign in checks to see the websites linked to your gmail account. There is no single service to find all the accounts linked to email for free currently. Follow the step by step guide in the post to find accounts linked to email for free.

Find Accounts Linked to Email for Free using Google Connected Apps

Go to Google Connected Apps, Enter your gmail and password and sign in to the Google Connected apps section. Connected apps is a platform where Google will show you all the websites that are connected to your gmail / google account. You may have noticed when you go to a website to create an account, they will show you a Google sign in option. That way you do not need to create a email ID and password. The website will capture the information from Google account and easily create the account in the website.

When you login to connected apps section, a welcome screen showing Manage your account access and security settings will be there. Scroll down below to see Apps with account access: Keep track of which apps or services you gave permission to access your account, and remove the ones you no longer use or trust.

Find Accounts Linked to Email for Free using Google Connected Apps

Select Manage Apps and you will be redirected to a page of Here you can see all the Third-party apps which you gave permission to access your Google Account and get information. You can go through each of these websites, apps, and services and review the type of access these apps have & if needed, remove access for apps or services you no longer use or trust with your information. 

Remove Access to Accounts Linked to Email

Once you remove the access, you will not be able to sign to the website and have to sign up again to use the services in that website. Select any of the third party app and see information such as Homepage address, app has access to and Access given on.

Remove Access to Accounts Linked to Email

Select Remove Access and the a pop up box will ask you whether you want to Remove access to the app. The app will no longer have access to your Google Account. You’ll need to grant access later if you want to use this app or service again. Select Ok and remove the access.

accounts linked will no longer have access to your Google Account

If you get an error Account access couldn't be removed. Try again, then check your internet connection and try again. You can try reloading [CTRL R] the web page.

Using Reverse Email Account Checking Services

I have written a compiled post on all the best ten awesome reverse email look up services and websites where you can find linked email accounts, social network accounts, dating accounts and more. The post provide reviews of all the popular email reverse email look up services such as PIPL, socialcatfish, spokeo, emailsherlock, addresssearch, that'sthem, everify, ussearch, intelligator and Radaris. You can read the post from here

February 10, 2018

How to Find Best Health Clubs Near Me in United States

Working out in Health clubs are essential in maintaining our health and fitness. Finding a health club near me is not that difficult but identifying the best health club for you is a tough process. You can discover health clubs near using Google Maps, Gym Finding Websites, Android and IOS applications. This post will teach you how to find the best health clubs close to me in United States.

Statistics of health clubs in the US

Fast food is a part of American culture and thereby increasing the health issues. It is shocking to see that an average American spends an estimated $1,200 on fast food each year. It is essential for Americans to start concentrating on health and fitness to reduce ill effects of fast food.

The number of health clubs is on the rise to capture the increasing number of health conscious people. As per the statistics by, in 2016, there were 36,540 gyms in the U.S. over 55 million people were members of some or the other health clubs, gym centers, fitness and yoga centers in America. North America has the largest member base in health centers in the World. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 267,000 personal trainers in the US in 2012. Fitness and recreational centers employ more than 533,200 people in 2014.

Things to consider to find a best health club near me

There are couple of things that you need to plan to find and choose the best health club. The health club that you choose should be near your home, better than other health clubs near the location, should have affordable membership cost, have a personal trainer for you, make you a health and diet plan.

1. Think locally: Find a health club near home

Imagine waking up at 5 in the morning, driving 4-5 miles to go to a health club, working out and coming back all the way. Feeling tiresome, right. It is always good to find health clubs close to your home to work out. This will reduce your travel time an keep up your internal motivation to work out.

2. Go to more than 3 health clubs and compare

Whenever you go for shopping, you compare 2 or 3 products, right? Do it in this case also. Go to at least 2-3 health clubs nearby and compare the membership fee, offered facilities, availability of a personal trainer etc. and pick the best health club that suits your requirements.

3. Cost of membership

Average gym membership costs between $40 and $50 a month in US which will come around $600 per year. You can select the health club as per your budget.

4. Find Reviews

You can ask customers in these health clubs about the training and come to a decision. The below ten are highly rated health clubs in USA in Google. This is a list that you can start while looking for health clubs to join.
  1. The Zoo Health Club Elite, North Palm Beach, FL, USA
  2. The ZOO Health Club of Havre, Havre, MT, USA
  3. Wamego Athletic Club, Wamego, KS, USA
  4. Fitness Zone: Health and Fitness Club, Lugoff, SC, USA
  5. Marble Falls Athletic Club, Marble Falls, TX, United States
  6. Fuel Fitness, Kalispell, MT, USA
  7. MVP Athletic Club, The Villages, FL, USA
  8. Equinox Gold Coast, 900 North Michigan Shops, Chicago, IL, USA
  9. Bay Club Cupertino, Cupertino, CA, USA
  10. The Energy Club, Long Beach, MS, USA

5. Popularity

There are many health clubs chains like 24 Hour Fitness Clubs, DavidBartonGym, Equinox Fitness Clubs, Gold's Gym, Healthworks, COIL Yoga etc. These are some of the best gym chains that you can start with. You can refer to Wikipedia health club chain list for more.
  • Club One
  • Crunch Fitness
  • Curves International
  • Equinox Fitness
  • Orangetheory Fitness
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Planet Fitness
  • Gold's Gym
  • Snap Fitness
  • Anytime Fitness
  • LA Fitness
  • Youfit
  • Town Sports International DBA NYSC, BSC, WSC and PSC
  • Genesis Health Clubs

5. Other stuff to take care of

Check guest privileges, tanning, hydro massage, use of massage chairs, wifi, Fitness consultation, personal and group training, access on week days, security, parking facilities, restrooms, showers available in the health club.

How to Find Health Clubs Near Me

You can easily find health clubs near you using Google Maps or gym finders using zip code or city name.

I already added the search keyword health+clubs+near+me in the url.
You can directly search Google for the keyword health clubs near me and select Google Map.

health clubs near me

Gym Finding Websites

gymsandfitnessclubs - You can find addresses of local fitness clubs with this websites. There is no details, photos, work out session available in this website. - This gym finder provide you good details on health clubs including Address, Photos, Amenities, Directions, membership cost and class schedule. - This website shows Address, Photos, Amenities, Directions, membership cost and class schedule of near by health clubs. You can find them via zip code or by typing the city name.

These websites are good resources to find gyms near your location.

Watch Video on how to search health clubs in the above websites

Buy Health products online to practice at home

Buy some health and fitness products online to continue the training even after joining health club. A weighing scale, yoga mat, exercise bands, waist trimmer and water bottle. A weighing scale is essential to check your progress on weight loss and keeping up the spirit to work out in health club more. Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology up to 400 Pound would be a good choice. You can also go with FDA Approved Blue tooth Body Fat Scale Digital Bathroom Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smart phone App, 396 lbs which is a best seller in Amazon.

It is essential to buy a Stainless Steel Water Bottle when you go for working out in health clubs. A good Yoga Mat for adults and yoga mat for kids would be the first choice for Exercise, Yoga, and Pilates followed with Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands and Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer.

If you want to start a health club, I would suggest you go and purchase some resources online and read more about it. The books that I suggest are;

1. Selling Fitness: The Complete Guide to Selling Health Club Memberships - Buy from Amazon

2. Total Health Club Management - Get it today

3. Health Clubs: Architecture & Design - Read here

Share to for all your friends and family to make them health conscious and help them to stay fit.

February 5, 2018

How to Do Reverse Photo Lookup in Google

Reverse photo search engines has been around for sometime now in Internet. Google's reverse photo search, facebook photo, TinEye reverse photo search, Tinder and photo search catfish are popular among these. Reverse Google photo Search let you search by photo on desktop, tablet, android mobile phones, iPhone or iPad by upload photo on google reverse photo search website.

Google's photo search and google photos advanced search can be used to do Google Reverse photo Search on Mobile Phones to find the original sources of WhatsApp photos, screenshots, any photos, memes and profile pictures. This post share you details on how does a reverse photo search work and how do you do a reverse photo search on best reverse photo search engines.

How does a reverse photo search work?

Reverse Google photo Search help you to find the original sources or the creators of WhatsApp photos, screenshots, any photos, memes and profile pictures. You upload an photo to  Google Reverse photo search engine search and it search through the vast database and identify all appearances of photos internet and get the first appearance.

Search for photos with Reverse Google photo Search

What is a reverse photo search tool?

A reverse photo search tool takes an photo as an input query, search an existing database, matches the photo details with previous appearances of the same photo and get the correct original source. The reverse photo search tool helps you to find out duplicate photos in Internet. Many matrimonial sites use reverse photo search tools to detect fake profiles and remove them.

How to Do a Google Reverse photo Search on Mobile Phones

There are two ways of doing a reverse photo search in Google. Google has developed and for users to do a reverse photo search in Google.

Reverse photo Search Google with Reverse.Photos

Upload an photo.
Once the photo is uploaded, select Show Matches.
Matches will be shown in the Google search page with photo size, Best guess for this photo, Pages that include matching photos and a list of Visually similar photos.

How to Do a Google Reverse photo Search on Mobile Phones

Reverse photo Search Google with

Select the camera icon

Search by photo
Search Google with an photo instead of text. Try dragging an photo here.
Paste photo URL   Upload an photo

Select Upload an photo
Select Choose file
Upload the photo and wait for it to get uploaded to Google.

Watch the video on How to Do Reverse photo Search on Google

How can I find a person by photo?

Select the photo of the person.
Go to Google photo Search and upload the photo.
Search and find the details of the person.

Can you Google photo Search a screenshot?

You can take a picture via your Android mobile phone, iPhone or iPad and upload the picture to Google photos Reverse Search Engine website. You can drag or upload them directly. Select search and you will find the sources if available.

Reverse photo search help you to find original source of shares photos in Internet. You can easily do a reverse photo search by Google in Android mobile phones and iphone, ipad and other devices. You need to select a photo and upload in Google images website and hit search. Google will the database and come up with related and similar photo appeared in Internet.

Reverse Photo Search on your Mobile Phone

You need to connect your mobile phone to Internet to do a photo search. 

Using Reverse Photo Search in Mobile Phones

Ask Google Assistant to open reverse photos search website or go to Chrome browser to open Google Reverse Photos website.

Choose a photo from gallery or from downloads.

Upload the photo in the website.

Wait for sometime to get the photo uploaded

Select Show Matches.

Matches will be shown in the Google search page.

I added a new post on 10 Free Reverse Email Lookup For Dating Sites which will really help for you.

February 2, 2018

Amazon Echo Dot Review - What is Echo Dot And How To Use

I am sure you heard about Amazon Echo Dot. Well, what is Amazon Echo Dot? and why you should buy one?. Many users ask me what is Amazon Echo Dot, what does it do and which should I buy. This post is an unbiased Amazon Echo Dot Review on what is Echo Dot, Echo Plus and how to use Echo Dot. I intend do a detailed review on Amazon Echo Dot and share some unheard and best things you should know about Amazon Echo Dot. I will share basic lessons on how to use Amazon Echo Dot and nice tips and tricks for you.

Amazon Echo Dot is a voice controlled, hands free device that let you do many things and gives you a taste of Artificial Intelligence in 40$ in US. Amazon Echo Dot is the compact and affordable version of Amazon Echo.

There are 5 Echo devices currently.
  1. Echo Dot
  2. Echo
  3. Echo Plus
  4. Echo Spot
  5. Echo Show

Amazon Echo Dot Product Details

Amazon Echo Dot Review - What is Echo Dot And How To Use
Size - 1.3" x 3.3" x 3.3" (32 mm x 84 mm x 84 mm)
Weight- 5.7 oz. (163 grams)
Connects to - Fire OS, Android, and iOS devices
Warranty for Echo Dot - 90-day limited warranty with optional 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year extended warranty.

How To Use Amazon Echo Dot

Place Echo Dot in a common place at least eight inches from wall.
Turn on Echo Dot
Connect Echo Dot to a wireless network and listen to instructions.
Start talking to Alexa.

Some example are;

Alexa, open Rain Sounds
Alexa, tell Rain Sounds to play
Alexa, ask Rain Sounds to loop

How do I connect Alexa to the Internet?

echo-dot-amazon-language-assistantDownload the Alexa App to your mobile phone.
Open Alexa App
Open Left navigation panel
Select Settings
Select your device
Select update wifi
Switch on Echo Dot
Press and Hold Action button till light change to orange.

Pros of Amazon Echo Dot

New bedside companion
I was reading some comments from users who ordered Amazon Echo Dot online and one really stricken me. His brother was paralyzed with Multiple Sclerosis. Alexa is his new bedside companion.

Real personal assistant

You can ask Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, listen to audio books, set alarms/timers,  thesaurus, dictionary calendar, food ordering, weather,  manage to-do and shopping lists, search for a product,  telling jokes, controlling lights, reading news, latest sports scores, listen to rain sounds and help with a math problem.

A friend in need
Alexa can lift up your spirits by suggesting new music from  Amazon's Unlimited Music Plan and stop the empty and lonely feeling in the house.

Ask Alexa
You can ask Alexa to play any music for all night long.

Cons of of Amazon Echo Dot

Always Plugged in 
Amazon Echo dot has to always plugged in.


Speakers are not loud enough. You may have to pair it with any other blue tooth supported speakers.

Supports English and German

Placement of Echo dot
The voice capture of Echo Dot is excellent. Still there are issues with Echo Dot in capturing requests from user if they are little far away, above echo dot or behind.

Voice Training
You need to do give voice training to Alexa. It is a very tedious process and takes a good amount of patience. Voice trainings will improve the accuracy and speed to catch long sentences and phrases.

Any mobile phones can be connected to Alexa and Amazon team has not yet added any security protocols to keep away the unwanted connections. You can open the app and kick off all the connected devices via bluet tooth. No way you can block all the other devices that can be connected to Echo Dot. The information is stored in Cloud and you have to delete the history one by one.

Cons of of Amazon Echo Dot

Future Upgrades Needed For Amazon Echo Dot

Search Button 
Alexa will give you all kind of factual information like how far is moon from Earth. Alexa is unable to answer general we queries. Amazon can consider adding  a search button for that.

Auto Volume levels

Volume of Echo Dot has to be adjusted as per different channels. An auto volume level option can easily solve this problem.

Follow Up Questions
Alexa cannot answer follow up questions like Google Assistant.

Ants Protection
There is a chance that Ants can start a colony inside your Echo Dot. So always clean it and try keeping it away. Amazon do not cover warranty for Ants attacks.

Filter Music
Echo dot do not have an automatic filter option to filter musics and child lock.

Amazon Echo Dot is fun and useful. It is a product that will cheer you up and make you cry. Users get attached to it differently.

Questions and Answers on Amazon Echo Dot

1. Does the Amazon Echo Dot work on 220v?

Yes it does. Amazon Echo Dot comes with a USB adapter of  110v. You can even use it with your Card Adapter.

2. Does Amazon Echo Dot has to be Plugged in always?

Yes. Amazon Echo Dot do not come with inbuilt batteries. If you want a portable Alexa, try Mokcao Echo Dot.

3. What is the difference between Amazon Echo Dot Vs Echo Dot 2nd Gen?

Amazon Echo Dot Vs Echo Dot 2nd Gen

How can one change Alexa's name

It may little confusing if there is a person in your house with a name Alexa. Alexa is the default wake word for Echo Dot device. You can change the wake word to Echo by doing the following that was featured in CNET.

Go to, open the Amazon Alexa app on iOS or Android.
Go to the side menu, select Settings, select anyone of the devices under Alexa Devices.
Open the settings of that device.
Select Wake Word, Select to open the drop-down menu and select either Amazon or Echo.
Click Save.

Buy Amazon Echo Dot from Amazon

January 31, 2018

How to Register a WD 1 TB Hard Drive Product and Get 3 Years Warranty

I bought a 1TB Hard Drive from WD and wanted to register it online to avail 3 years limited warranty. It took me 1 hour to find out how to get 3 years warranty by WD product registration. I want to share the tips to you on how to register a 1TB Hard Drive or 2 tb harddrive WD and get 3 years warranty through WD product registration. WD product registration is compulsory to get 3 years warranty.

WD warranty check by serial number can be done by taking serial number from wd hardrive plate and verify in online wd website. Western digital login can be done through an online link which I will share in this post. WD hard disk warranty period is maximum up to 3 years and this is limited warranty. I could not find any wd hdd service center in India and wd warranty toll free number. You can easily regsiter your WD hdd or sdd or any other wd product using this process.

Get 3 Years Warranty by WD Product Registration

You need to have basic things in your hand before doing WD product registration online in the wd website.

Valid Email ID: Email Id of yours that you gave to the shop, or valid email that you use to buy stuff online from Amazon, Flipkart or account.

Purchase Date: Ordered date

Serial Number: This you can from the Hard drive plate. You open the cover and take out the hard drive. Notice the plates on the hard drive or any other product. You will see two numbers p/n and s/n. s/n is serial number. Write it down in a notepad.

Once you have these things, go to the WD portal online and start the  product registration process.

WD Portal Link:

Enter all the necessary details such as;

First Name *

Last Name *

Email *

Country *

Phone Number

Serial Number *

Purchase Date *

Place of Purchase


If successful, then you will see the available warranty for the WD Product.

Read the instructions in the wd website if you are from Europe.

How to Get 3 Years Warranty by WD Product Registration

Issues of Warranty and WD Product Registration

You can use the WD Support website link: if needed.

If the warranty seems less, do the following.

1. Create an RMA (Return Material Authorization) and mention the warranty issue
2. You will get a Case ID
3. Attach the invoice.
4. Within 3-4 days customer care will respond you
5. Forward your complaint to wdexpress.india[at]wdc[dot]com with the Case ID, Scanned copy of invoice, Photo of your hard disk showing the label.
6. If they don't respond within 2-3 days, forward the mail again.

You will get your warranty updated.

December 20, 2017

Install OWO Chrome Extension in Chrome Web Store - Google

Are you bored of the normal Chrome browser interface and want to try something fun. Why not install OWO Chrome Extension By Leafysweets. OWO Chrome Extension By Leafysweets will change your browser experience completely. You will give an amazing 10/10 for this OWO Chrome Extension By Leafysweets. People not just love Owo, they go gaga over it. You can use this owo chrome extension for mobile and pc as as owo text converter, owo meme generator, owo memes maker, and owo text maker. Use OWO Chrome Extension now. Read more to know on what is owo chrome.

How To Install OWO Chrome Extension

Go to Google Webstore and type Owo Extension or use this link Owo Chrome Extension Install.
Select Add to Chrome and wait for the download.
Owo will automatically get installed once download starts.
An O symbol will appear on top of the Google Task Bar.
Start browsing now.

Try OWO Chrome Extension By Leafysweets

What is owo chrome

Lets see. Watch this video on what happens when I install OWO Chrome Extension By Leafysweets in Google Chrome Browser.

Stuff To read With OWO Chrome Extension

The following are some of the readers suggestions that you can use if you are using OWO Chrome Extension for the first time.
  1. Trump's Twitter feed
  2. Nigeria Wikipedia page
  3. School Websites
  4. Google Search
  5. Smutty fanfic
  6. Gmail
  7. Silently Install in a friend's browser and walk away

What Does OWO Chrome Extension By Leafysweets Do?

The OWO Chrome Extension By Leafysweets read the data from websites when it loads and rewrite the text. This way you will be getting so many owo memes than actual text. Rose will become Wose. Try reading online text of War and Peace using this owo extension.

How to Turn off Owo Chrome Extension

Go to Chrome Browser
Click on More Tools > Extensions on the right side.


Copy the chrome://extensions/
Paste in Chrome Tab and press enter.

Find Owo Extension from the list and select the recycle bin button
Select Remove.

Or select the OWO button in the Chrome Task bar.
Select Remove from Chrome.

Spoiler Alert for OWO Extension

Remember this: R's Are W's 
L's Are W's

Read This post in Owo Text

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