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screwed in life correct mistakes be happy psych it

Screwed in life, Correct Mistakes, Be Happy- Psych it

Everybody want to be happy in their life. Nobody likes life without the happiness. Sometimes in life, mistakes are something that makes your life suffer and remove your happiness. Mistakes can came from not understanding your own self, no knowing what to in life, wrong decisions, selfish decisions etc. When we look back and what we have done in the past days, we get a much more clear picture of what we have done as a mistake and the consequences of it. As Steve Jobs put it, everything is connected.
Lets start from the from not understanding your own self, no knowing what to in life, wrong decisions, selfish decisions et cetera. So the mistake happened. Well, what are you to about it? Its your mistake, right?

1. Remember it and understand what you have done and why you think that it is a mistake. The latter part is much more important than the previous one. Why you think it is mistake? I think may it created unhappiness in your life, ruined you rhythm of life, reduced your sleeping time and made you hate life.

2. Apologizing will help. It is hard to understand how apology works, but it helps. If you made a mistake, the somebody is affected with it. Go to that person and apologize for the mistake. You can call, chat, talk personally, give an apology card or whatever. Usually the other person give you forgiveness which will make you slightly better. There are some person who wont give you forgiveness. It is because you have done that much to that person. It is ok. Why it is ok? Well, you know that the person love you or affected with it so much that it will take time for him to even think about it. Give time to heal wounds. Don’t just scurry off like a field mouse.

3.  Trying hedonism and Asceticism will not work. What we can do is consider different roads. There are options in life which will never close and finding that will give you much better outlook about life. If you are stuck at your own condition, then read the next point.

4. Decide fast – Well, what are you think so much. Do not think just try something new. Start a new course for study, create something artistic, talk to people, get a project, start a part time job, do something that make you feel happy.

5. Remove complications from life. As life gets more complicated, you get confused. Sit somewhere quite and relax. Say to yourself that “it happens and there millions of people in the world who are having the same experience and emotions and i am not alone“.

6. Think positive things and share your thoughts with others……

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