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Best Resignation Letter Examples

We all come to that point of that stage where we must send that resignation email. A professional Resignation Email Message is very necessary to give professional impression to the employer even while you are leaving the job. Here are some unique Best Resignation Letter Examples.

A good formal resignation email can fetch you a good reference from your employer for the next job. Focus to draft a best resignation email with a subject, notice period, reason of leaving the job and title. Here are some Resignation Email Message Examples, Tips, formats, samples for employees.

Can you resign by sending an email. Well, it depends on the policies of the company. If the policy allow you to do that, you should resign via email.

Best Resignation Letter Examples

Best Resignation Letter Examples

I remember a resignation email that I sent once to my bad boss. I had to leave that job because she was so bad and mean and considered me as a slave.

I wanted to resign immediately and I was very discouraged in the job. Obviously I should have written all my frustration in my resignation email and you are expecting something like that only. But it was not like that. Here is the resignation email that I sent to her.

Subject: Resignation Letter

Dear ….,
Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from my position as ….. 
I am currently going through a tough time due to some personal reasons and it would be really hard for me to join work at this stage.
It has been a pleasure working with you and your team over the last few days.  The organisation is poised for continued growth and I wish you much success with your upcoming projects.
Thank you again for the opportunity to work for this organisation and the support that you have extended to me. I wish you and your staff all the best and I look forward to staying in touch with you.

This an example of resignation email. The above example of resignation letter is missing many needed points. Check the missing points below.

How to Write a Professional Resignation Email Message

1. A professional Resignation Email Message will have subject, notice period, reason of leaving the job and title.
2. If you have an HR department, do CC them in the resignation email.
3. Mention the notice period in the email and mention to consider to notice period from the date of this email.
4. A date is essential in the resignation letter. Mention the date that you are leaving the company. This will help your employer to do hire someone else before you leave and do the handover.
5. Dont write so much details. Be as generic and brief as possible. Too much details spoils the resignation letter.
6. Show gratitude towards the employer. Thank him/her for the consideration and support [even if the boss was crap]
7. Offer Assistance to the company that in future you may be able to contribute your skills.
8. If you are going out to some other company soon, then you can mention a line saying that, please contact me in this email ID in future.

Some mention to ask for details of paycheck or compensation in this email. I wont suggest it. You can do follow up emails to do this. Make sure the resignation letter serves its purpose.

Professional Resignation Email Example

Subject: Notice for Resignation
Dear ….
Please accept this email as notification that I am leaving my position of ……. effective from September 15 due to personal reasons. Kindly initiate the notice period of 2 weeks from this date onwards.
I sincerely appreciate the wonderful opportunities I got at …… company. I am thankful the professional guidance and support that you provided me these years. 
Though I am leaving the company, I would be happy to do any assistance in future for you and the company. I will be availabel through my email ID, [email protected]. I wish all the success for you and the company.

Resignation Letter Email Microsoft Word Document Template: Conflict with Boss

[Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST  ZIP Code]
[Recipient Name]
[Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST  ZIP Code]
Dear [Recipient Name]:
Please accept this as official notice of my resignation. As you know, over the last six months, we have had many differences of opinion regarding the processes, work assignments, and goals for the Main Street project. 
Our conflict has affected my ability to manage my team and has left me and many of my direct reports feeling uncertain about the future of the project. It is clear to me that you and I will not be able to resolve our differences. Therefore, I feel that resigning is the best option for me and for the team.
My last day at ABCD company will be [date]. I would be happy to meet with you at your convenience to discuss the transition of my duties to my successor.
[Your Name]
You can use any of these resignation email message example to send the email to your employer. Now that you have decided to send resignation email, do read my new posts with thank you letter after interview
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