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3 Basic steps that inspire one to create a worthwhile product

Sometimes I sit on my pc, “AIM” and I think what I should write today in Sometimes I do not get creative ideas that generate potential buzz in social networks. I thought that maybe I could share some blogger gadgets, hosting methods or posts about SEO etc. But at some MOMENTS, I feel a kind of tinkling in my hands where I want write something extra rather than getting some clicks or likes. So I think today is that day, because I am feeling that now.

know a product
ship it

I have been searching about innovative researches that done around the world. Some of these are ground breaking researches that happened from MIT labs up to a coconut tree climbing machine invented by a farmer in Kerala, India. How they achieved these innovations and made it. What are the basic steps they took that turned their paths and made them achieve their goal? So here are the 3 basic steps that make one inspire to create a product that has real value in the field. They may be looking silly but stay focused and we can create one too.

Step 1
Accept criticism positively 

Most of our creativity dies due to sheer criticism by parents, peers, teachers and others. These people are trying to make you think about various versions of a problem. Some of them may be genuine, and some are worthless. It is your duty to verify the credibility of the person who criticized you and the value of criticism. If the criticism does no help you in any way, just ignore it. If you cannot ignore it, make a bad face to the person and openly say that it does not help me and you better shut up. Sometimes it helps. If that does not help, then try not to reason with him but reason with yourself. Try to understand that these criticisms are from people whose creativity was destroyed by others, they express their suppressed feelings through criticisms, and you cannot do anything about it unless you want to help the person with all your heart. So learn from the criticism and make good choices.

Step 2
Work SmArT,   and work HARD

I have some friends who are customer care executives. You know that these are worst jobs for young people, which make you, drive crazy. These friends are workaholic. They work up to 10 to 15 hours continuously, yet they do not get promotion. The promotion went other guys who do smart work, who engage with callers, who make them happy and converse with them in a positive manner. So I told this secret to my friends and they also started doing smart work, and taking a lavish pleasure in job. They also didn’t get promotion. So I again went and asked some promoted people and they said they do smart work and hard work. They work hard when needed and do smart work when less needed. They had clear equilibrium set in the mind. So the second step is work smart and work hard. That way you can achieve success.

Step 3
Have fun and satisfaction at what you are doing

Fun and satisfaction are really important when comes the real value of research. Thank you…


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