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Report Fake Twitter Account to Protect Your Privacy

Here is a quick step by step guide to How to Report Fake Twitter Account to Protect Your Privacy, report profiles for violations and file a report that a Tweet or an account is abusive.

1. How to Report Fake Twitter Account to Protect Your Privacy

How to Report Fake Twitter Account to Protect Your Privacy

You can the form to report following cases;
An account is pretending to be me or someone I know. An account is pretending to be or represent my company, brand, or organization. My account was suspended. I can’t sign in to my account.
My account has been hacked or compromised. Someone is using my email address without my permission.

Report impersonation Form

2. How to How to Report Fake Twitter Account

You can use this methods to Report Fake Twitter Account to Protect Your Privacy including followers. You can remove ghost followers or fake followers by reporting them using this method.

2.1 Take A screenshot of the fake twitter account
2.2 Go the fake profile
2.3 Click on the 3 bubble [overflow icon] button near Follow

Report twitter fake profile account

2.4 Click on Report@username
2.5 Select any one of the option from I’m not interested in this account, They are posting spam, Their account may be hacked and They’re being abusive or harmful.
2.6 Select Next.

3. How to Report a Tweet on Twitter

3.1 Go to the tweet and click on the down arrow button on the right side.

down arrow button in twitter

3.2 Click on the “Report Tweet” option
3.3 You will have 3 options: I’m not interested in this Tweet, It’s spam and It’s abusive or harmful.
3.4 Select any one of the options
3.5 Click Next.

4. How to Report Spam In Twitter

You can report spam on Twitter, a tweet a link because Twitter thinks it’s spam and offensive media that you saw on Twitter. Report Fake Twitter Account tweets to Protect Your Privacy.

Use the spam report form.

                                        Report specific types of violations

Specific Violations include Unauthorized trademark use, Unauthorized use of copyrighted materials, Sale or promotion of counterfeit goods, Privacy policy towards children, Child sexual exploitation, adult content, Impersonation of an individual or brand, Private information posted on Twitter, Abusive behavior and violent threats, Spam and system abuse and Violation of Twitter Ads policy.

1. How to Report a counterfeit goods issue onTwitter

You can report a counterfeit issue regarding someone else’s trademark or if you are a trademark holder.

Report counterfeit goods Form

2. How to reportReport copyright infringement on Twitter

You canreport content that you believe violates or infringes your copyright. Be aware that filing a DMCA complaint initiates a statutorily-defined legal process and Twitter will share your full complaint, including your contact information, with the alleged violator.

Report copyright infringement Form

3. How To Report a trademark issue

You can report a trademark issue, if you have a trademark and someone is impersonating my brand, Someone is trying to look like or imply affiliation with your organization, or if you have a trademark and someone is infringing the trademark or Someone is using your organization’s trademark-protected materials.

Report a trademark issue Form

If You have filed a form and no response was recieved from Twitter, you can file a ticket. File a Ticket

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